A half step

Words from a channelled conversation



In July 2016, I sat down with my iPad and a keyboard and took a deep breath. I had for some time been feeling a familiar prompt and slight discomfort but wasn’t sure what to do with it. For me, these are part of the signs that I just need to take what I describe as a half step to one side – in my mind, not physically – in order to be on a different level or in a different place. If you have any involvement with the things of spirit then you will probably understand this. If not – well all I can say is please bear with me.

I’m a very practical person and not at all keen on things ‘weird and wonderful’. But I have also experienced a number of things that fall into that category, to the point where I am willing to explore before dismissing. I take the view that you have to trust your own experience, even when your head is telling you to be wary! And over the last five years or so, my experience and wary willingness to explore, carefully, has led me to the discovery that I can act as a medium of sorts.

Having worked, with a trained medium’s support and guidance, on testing out being what is called apparently a physical medium, I wanted to know what I did with this new prompt. My friend suggested automatic drawing or writing. I pondered this for a while and I found that the drive was more towards writing. I was about to explore a whole new half step to one side.

And so, one July morning, I settled down at my garden table and wondered what on earth I was doing! I wasn’t sure what to do really. When I had taken my tentative steps into channelling I was able to close my eyes and fully tune out, trusting in my friend to guide me as needed. But here I was on my own. And I felt more than a little silly.

I did start typing, slowly and and uncertainly. And what happened was a conversation – mostly me seeking reassurance and the other half of the conversation giving plenty of caring encouragement. I found that if I was willing to set my self aside, the words flowed. I wasn’t really aware of what I was writing but the words flew.

I was very sceptical. Very! But again I couldnt deny my experience. I could not write as fast or fluently in any other circumstances – I am by nature someone who pauses often, rewrites often and generally takes ages to write something that I’m happy with. This is very different. The ‘voice’ was different too – the phrasing and words were not how I ordinarily express myself. And so I kept going.

I don’t understand what this is. But I know that I am always left feeling joyful by this process. When I read the words at the end of each session, I find I learn something and  gain from it. Over time, I know that this is a positive experience for me.

And so I am sharing the words that come. I offer them up with care and without any attempt to explain them or translate them – I can’t. If you gain something from them, then that will be great. If you don’t, that is fine. They are a gift – not from me but through me – and as such it is totally up to you what you make of them.

The first few posts will be a catching up – this is why I’ve used the date of each item being written as post headings. This will, I hope, be helpful in reading them in order. I have tried to put something of each post’s content as a category to help with searches.

Note: occasionally, the words have been obviously personal to me. Numbers 28 and 29 haven’t been shared online, for example, because of this. I tried to edit them to remove the personal references but it didn’t feel right, so  I decided to remove them. 


I live in the UK and live a pretty ordinary life – work, friends, worrying about politics and so on. As channelling tends to be seen as something from the spiritual side of life, you may want to know more about that aspect of me. I have a strong faith but I don’t belong to any particular religion. Instead, I believe that we are all part of something ‘other’ – God, Goddess, the universe, the One – I tend not to worry about the language. I respect beliefs that treat all people with equal respect and care, and where integrity is more important than dogma. And I am learning from this channeled conversation all the time!

I have chosen to remain anonymous because I feel that my role is to simply share the words.

Update: May 2019

I haven’t added any pages for a long time. This is because my day-today life has required my full focus. I want to regain time to set aside, but I feel that if I put words out into the universe, I need to make sure it is as solid as it can be. And being stressed with work and rushed doesn’t feel right. I will leave the existing pages online and I will add when I can. Thank you for being patient with me as I find my way forward in something that still feels odd to me!

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