I had one of those moments last night – when something clicks into place. I think I am finally understanding how the things you do as ‘you’ and the things you do as part of the whole – as the you that is somehow other and bigger than just ‘you’ – can all work together. And when they do, the results can be amazing. The reason I have written that is because I think I have stopped wrestling with the validity or otherwise of this channelled conversation, and am just accepting that this is, for the time being at least, a part of my life – on all levels. And that feels good!


Elias: When you learn that you travel your path in many ways, place and times, concurrently, then you understand something vital to your wellbeing. You do not need to cling to one aspect or to one experience. Indeed, the opposite is true. By embracing the fullness of who and what you are then you can truly begin to be what you can be. It is a simple truth but one that takes a while to grasp.

You should look to your children in this. They are born complete in the knowledge of who and what they are. Small children, left to themselves, have no difficulty in believing things that they cannot see or that they can take hold of and change those unseen things. They happily embrace the fullness of their experience and, assuming they are unharmed and given encouragement, they neither judge nor behave fearfully when meeting the new or unfamiliar.

Our communities rapidly teach children to fear, parents’ actions borne out of their own fears and anxieties. The message that ‘different is a threat’ is heard and rapidly learned. How sad, that those who are so open are closed down so rapidly and, often, ruthlessly. How much better that we teach children the gift of true discernment: not based on fears or misinformation, but on whether someone or a situation is likely to harm the whole through an action or words. In this way, children become young people of maturity and awareness, far better able to protect themselves and the whole.

By seeking to arm children against that which would harm them, they are given a poor weapon that, of itself, brings great harm. Fearfulness, bigotry, even hatred – these are not weapons that anyone should value. How much better then, to provide them instead with understanding, discernment, knowledge of how to attune themselves to the flow of the whole, and the certainty of the truth that they have the fullness of the whole standing with them through any time of trial or difficulty.

With those true weapons, young people will become true warriors, equipped to step where their parents have feared to tread. With eyes that see, hearts that sing and souls attuned to the whole, they can sustain and lead and be all that they are. This is the gift that each generation can bestow on the next. It doesn’t take enforced education or examinations, but nurturing and understanding, time and patience – and the kind of teachers and guides that we have spoken of before.

Now let us talk about the fears that many face when learning to live with their many aspects within the whole. There are often fears that it will not be possible to maintain what you think of as balance. This is an irony to us. What you perceive as a potential imbalance, we see as true balance – the achievement of a better place from which to understand your skills and learning.

You thank of yourselves as walkers on a tightrope – ever struggling to stay upright, to keep the horizon clear in your view, straining for the other side, when you can relax. This sense is led by your current physical being, where you have just one up, one down and falling can easily happen. Do you think a bird has your same worries, as they soar through the sky? Birds also have their fears, but you perceive their limitations as different, despite existing in the same physical world.

The truth is that there are no boundaries to your full self. There are no places to fall, only places to fly. There are no tightropes demanding your attention – just open and safe routes to wherever you wish to be. You cannot fall because there is no place to fall from or to – it really is that simple. You worry that your mind cannot tackle too much of this bigger truth. But just as your physical self is a part of the whole, so is your mind.

It is true that there are times when you are right to think of protection and the need to take care. Sadly, there are those who through intent or accident seek to harm the whole or part of the whole. It would be foolish to disregard this. However, the sustaining and healing power of the whole is always greater. Through the use of simple steps you can go fearlessly wherever you wish to journey.

Discernment – again this comes to the fore in this discussion. You must learn to see and test the motivation and actions of others for what they are. Often you will not need to take corrective action because simply by enhancing the sustaining networks of the whole, you will be cancelling out and redirecting the negative intent. Discernment comes from many sources – much of what you perhaps think of as instinct is an important part of discernment. As long as your own intent is pure and your own heart is good and true, then you will rarely take a misstep.

Discernment also comes from developing your understanding. As you learn to weave your own way through the fullness of the whole, you will rapidly learn to spot those others who may be struggling with or kicking back against the whole. It is extremely rare that you will need to take action to excise such people. By being true to yourself and your truth, you will be generating a space in which negative action struggles to thrive. Only those who, for whatever reason, actively intend to harm, will continue to work to those goals.

If you come across such beings or energies, you already know how to deal with them. As a part of the whole, you have the energy of the whole within and without you. Summon that fullness and direct it with your good and true intention and the whole will combine to defeat any enemy. That sounds grander than it perhaps is – it is at once a great truth, but also a simple fact of being who and what you – we – all are. It is but a step for those with legs, a subtle change in direction for a climbing plant, a breath of air across the desert sands, a dip in the wings of the bird.

In these words we hope that you can begin to see that you need have no fear of exploring your own full truth. Trust in the support and encouragement of the whole and those that travel with you who understand. And enjoy your exploration, your discoveries – relish the joys that are yours.