I have been adding sections of this conversation to the blog and, in doing so, really reading some of it for the first time. This may sound odd but I have tried to keep removed from it as part of knowing that the words aren’t coming from my head! So it has been enlightening – and reassuring. There’s no way that I could be writing this! I would have to plan for days to write these things. So I feel stronger in moving forward – finally!
Elias: Your world is becoming something new, in the same that all of the one renews and regrows. This is an essential part of the truth of all time and should resonate with you. As with all physical forms it is easy to become focused on that which fills your horizon but remember that all you can see is just the tiniest fraction of the whole. As an ant would worry about a falling leaf, you often forget that both are just a speck in the bigger forest. However, do not make the mistake of thinking that that means that the whole is not also concerned about the leaf harming the ant.

The key is to consider perspective. The ant’s vision is full of the leaf – that is his world at that point in time. If someone was to be sat there, they might notice the leaf and the plight of the ant and easily sweep away the leaf – directing its fall elsewhere. Imaging then, how much easier it is for the whole to understand and to act. For the whole, such an action is as automatic and as simple as your inward breath. It is done and no one comments. In this way then, all over your world and over all worlds and all that lies between, the whole is aware of every ant and every looming leaf and taking the necessary action.

Do not misunderstand us. This does not negate your responsibility to act when you are aware of the need. You are a part of the whole’s breath and therefore a part of the way in which the whole sustains and heals itself. Within this truth, you will begin to understand that by being in tune with the breath of the whole, you become a part of the way the whole acts to sustain itself. Being in tune – being an active and aware part of the whole – you become a vital part of the breath that redirects the leaf. You become a part of the energy that determines where that leaf does land, which creatures benefit from its shelter or nourishment.

This care and flow is part of who you truly are. It is a part of you and it blossoms when you are attuned to your inner truth and to the whole. You become a conscious part of the joy and sustaining energies that bring life and growth to all.

And so, in your world at this moment, when you look up and your sight is filled with the impending fear of a falling leaf, remember that you are not a separate and fragile being. Remember that you are part of something much bigger and much more powerful. Remember that you have the energies of the universe surrounding you, within you and sustaining you. Remember that the leaf too, is part of that greater whole. And that the leaf may be bringing you somewhere to shelter. It may hide you from the view of a predator. It may offer you nourishment in the winter to come or a source of fuel.

It is easy to let fearfulness blind you to the bigger perspective. Remember that while you may be a speck, you are also a conscious part of the whole. Your intent can change the path of a leaf or the path of an ocean. When you work with the whole you can work magic – true magic that is, that sees life spark in the blink of an eye and worlds turn away from destruction.

You do not need to be able to move mountains or to speak words that move many. You do not need to know secrets or have great skills. You simply need to be able to recognise when to step into the flow and lend your intention and your heart to that which is good and true. And if even that sounds difficult, trust that there is a part of you that understands and remembers this and will guide you if you are willing to listen.