After a few weeks of busy-ness around work and the festive season, I am feeling a little separated from anything more spiritual. I always feel drained when I don’t set time aside to pause. So today is time to do that and to see if a half step to the side is possible…

Elias: You know that to us time is irrelevant but it is good to see that you understand that living life without being consciously connected to the whole is not ideal. You must not let feeling battered by the world around you to let you lose sight of that which is truly important. But we also understand that this is one of the frailties of being in the physical world – its demands on you feel so immediate and they easily distract.

Now we will continue. That which we wish to talk to you about is so broad and full of many things. You will never find us at a loss for words to share with you. The success of this arrangement is dependent only on us all having the connection – there is no special time or feeling needed. You are, I am sure, beginning to understand this.

Your world moves into a new year and a new era with the changing of the season. Just as many are wondering what is happening and why, others will start to understand, to see beyond and to know that things are changing and that, depending on how people connect to the whole, the changes can bring much goodness and growth into being.

You understand that a movement in one direction often results in another movement in the opposite direction. It is a basic binary that has played into conflagrations for eons. However, such rules are themselves changing. As you raise your perception and the level of your connection, so the simplicity of a binary reaction evolves. It becomes something much more in tune with the whole – a step away from the baser instincts of beings of all kinds and a step towards a wholeness that benefit all and everything.

This movement – this shift if you like – is something that many have foreseen and others have hoped for. It will come because more parts of the whole are in tune – more people are aware – and more people are open to the possibilities of a new way of being. You will wonder what this means but we can assure you that you are prepared for this. You already have the understanding and the wherewithal to be a part of the change. Indeed, you are already helping to drive it, by ensuring that gateways are open and that pathways are visible.

You recognised the path that we described to you. Others will similarly do so. Many others will gather, some physically, some on a higher plane, to celebrate the opening of the gateways, to welcome travellers to the path and to sit and offer guidance on the way. We are excited and we know that you will be too.

We must, however, voice some words of warning. There are those who have always scoffed at those that see pathways beyond the physical routes that are visible to all. Even when it becomes obvious to all but the most closed of souls that the higher paths are not only real but are open to all, those that scoff will double the intensity of their animosity towards such things. You can already see this – and indeed that is part of why many are so uncomfortable with some recent events in your world. Those that thrive on division and profit from conflict – those people are making themselves known in a visible way.

Let’s go back to that binary reaction that we spoke of earlier. It is playing out across your world and that in itself concerns some, leading as it often does to conflict and unrest. But you and the many others like you are coming to see alternative ways of being. You recognise the path from your own past or future and you know that it offers the true way forward – each embracing their own full truth and stepping forward in a higher way. Do not let yourselves become overly concerned by coming conflicts. Know that, away from the spotlight of camera and microphone, the truth is working its magic as increasing numbers of hearts open and memories recall.

You can already sense the power of the united power created by energies combining, unifying, flowing with all that is true and certain and renewing the whole. Letting that power into your daily lives will impact upon you. It will lift and enable, it will open your eyes and it will regenerate that which you thought was lost.

None of this depends on any one of you doing anything of which we speak. It is a natural and real result of a broader awakening. However, by becoming a part of this – by being willing to attune yourself – you will find that your life takes on new meaning and a new energy. We encourage you to be a participant rather than an observer. That is your choice of course.