Since deciding to share at least the early parts of this conversation, I’ve gone through another period of doubt. But I’ve decided that this is just me interfering really. I’m going to let the words stand by themselves.

EliasAs we stand looking ahead at the path, it can seem daunting or confusing. The path is rarely straight, and so you lose sight of the furthest parts of it. Should you take that path or not? Is it safe? Would it not be more sensible to stay still or wait for other travellers or to test each step slowly and carefully? These are natural questions and come from sensible precaution.

We would ask this: is it better to be moving forward or to stand still? Is it better to at least start your journey or to wait for some sense of perfect conditions, always waiting for something more to be ‘right’? This question happens to all, at every crossroad and at every pause in a journey. Paths are littered with small gatherings of people who have decided it is better to wait until they can see further or another puzzle piece is shifted into place.

This is not a criticism of such a journey. We have all waited and watched, rather than striding out – it is part of being a being of choice. We speak of this because we want you to see and understand. We want you to see that it is perfectly possible to travel a path at a steady pace, to keep moving forward and to gain ground. We also want you to see that there are other ways of tackling a journey – and to see that how you travel is your choice.

It is easy to judge others and easier still to judge yourself. You see what you perceive as the ideal set of actions and then you see that you or others are not fulfilling that ideal. And then you judge – and often your judgement is incorrect.

There is a multitude of ways to travel a path and none are wrong. What you seek is the best way for you to travel the path. How should you best move forward? And you wonder this because you want the best. Your desire for a better future and your hopes for gaining higher ground drive you to act rather than to abandon the path. And so we want to explain to you the best way to travel your path.

The solution is simple: you need to be ready to travel, and you need to take each step in good faith. By this we mean that your heart needs to be good and true. You do not need to take great riches with you – you do not need a caravan laden with goods. You may choose to take a companion with you but be sure that a shared path is what you both truly desire, or resentment or lack of understanding may creep in and you will need to pause to resolve that.

Only by being truly who and what you are can you reach the further reaches of any path, with any destination. Allowing yourself to open to the whole so that you can work in harmony with all will enable you to travel smoothly. And you will sense the harmony that this creates. That harmony will increase with each step you take. And there will be a point at which you will realise that your footsteps no longer show in the sand and the grasses no longer sway as you brush past them. This will be because you have become the path – your place within the whole becomes a unified flow. And your heart will swell and your spirit will fly and your song will join the Song of Songs.

[At this point tears filled my eyes and I was overcome by a burst of emotion. It was both a great joy and a sorrow – like looking at a really moving memory and longing for that moment. And experiencing it too. It was beautiful!]

Elias: You weep as we weep – with joy and with sorrow. Because that is how the whole experiences that moment, how the One smiles as one who has felt separated merges once again with all that they truly are. The energy that that moment creates, and is born from, is the stuff of life itself – the spark that is at the centre of all. That is the communion that fuels all that is, has been and will be. That is the grail moment that is the destination of the path, and all paths.