After having some tough weeks due to a very busy time at work, alongside a time where I have felt slightly detached from this process, I am feeling pulled back to my keyboard and back to the conversation. I am letting too much of myself intervene in this process – I need to step aside more. By fretting about everything, I don’t allow enough room – so I’m going to try to stop worrying!

I have been over-thinking and letting my concerns override what I know to be true. I want to work in a simpler way – and put my own insecurities much more to one side. I hope that will help.
Elias: We see the plains before us, stretching away to the point where all is at once reduced to nothing and becomes everything. We stand on a vantage point and share with passers-by our experiences of the journey. And while we teach, we also learn, for this is our journey too.

From the least to the most, from the farthest to the nearest, we meet as one – one whole made up of all that is and ever will be. And as we meet we share that burst of joy – the joy of recognition and the joy of wholeness.

As we sit on the hillside, sharing our view of the path, we can share what we know. We can share the histories of the many that have travelled this way. And we can share the futures of those same travellers. To sit here, each with those we guide and teach, we can see so clearly. For this is the point at which we can see the merging of all and the light of that merging illuminates that which may ordinarily be unclear.

This is what we bring to you. And we bring with it the care of those who have been here before, many times, until we need travel no more. We bring with it no weariness, but rather an excitement – a calm joy, a peaceful fulfilment as we see each speck of light and each heart stone stepping into the fullness of being – but excitement nevertheless.

This is our destiny and yours too – we will each stand on this point. We will each see the light of everything. We will each feel the sand of the plains between our toes and know that we have found our way.

Every people, every being, has a map of this journey. For each, that map differs – perhaps by name, or by route. The words used will differ, the lessons learned will differ. Ultimately however, this is where those maps take us if we genuinely seek – whatever our beginnings, whatever our place of origin.

Some will come to the entrance of this place many times but turn away – unprepared or unwilling, unable to see or hear that which is available to them. That is not a problem – they simply have their time yet to come. Some will superimpose themselves or their hopes upon this place – they will see temples or palaces, wide oceans or frivolous fountains. Some will only walk ahead if they are met by wide highways or beckoning friends. Some will require music, angelic trumpeters. Some will expect to crawl their way. That matters not because the path is there for all and clarity of sight is open to all.

Many will see the simplicity of this place and fail to accept it for what it is. They will not accept that they are a part of one whole, neither above nor below any other thing. Many will not accept that their books and their papers are not needed here. Others will look about them and, judging those they see, will decide this place is not for them, considering themselves either too worthy or not worthy enough because of the company in which they find themselves. Again, this must not be judged – they will come again.

Standing here, knowing that we can see all that is and all that will be and all that there has ever been – that is at once sublime and ridiculous. But that is the nature of the One – the whole of which we are a part and that each of us contains. This is all that is – where all begins and all ends and all truly is for always.

If you can come to this place, feel your heart and your soul rejoice and know that this is the full truth of who and what you are – then you have found your way to your beginning. Now you can fully participate in what it is to be a conscious part of the one whole. Now you can take a hold of the energy that binds the whole – the life force that sustains and grows the whole. You can play your full part in deliberate intent. In this way, you can attain the healing that you seek, for yourself, your land and your people. In this way you can ply your trade as one who can build and sustain, nurturing the gateways and the pathways, holding the hands of others, reassuring them through their timidity and uncertainty as they too seek their own truth.

We look out over the sands of the plains and we marvel at the simplicity that we find. As we look across – beyond the abyss that casts its mirage – we have to smile. To find that simplicity is a wonder. We inhabit this place, embracing it for all that it is and we welcome all who come this way with a true heart and inner sight. And then we can blink our eyes and be at once amidst the stars, with the crystal light still sustaining, still guiding, still the source of all that is.

This conversation is a whispering across those sands and across that night sky. It is a sharing of words and of understanding, from one perspective to another. It is a willingness to share the experiences of many journeys, on many paths, in many times. We do not offer rules or guidebooks – each being has more than enough of their own – we merely offer shared insights and a reminder of our true landscape, our true nature, our oneness that underpins all of our many differences – our true joy.