I have just posted #38 – in which I asked about sharing this conversation. That was the point at which I started this blog and began to post the words. Since then I have continued to dip in and out of the conversation – not as often as I feel I should but, so far at least, it continues.

I remain unsure about the what and why of the whole process. All I can tell you is that I continue to feel a sense of deep joy after each session. I also know that the words of Elias, Thomas and Marasina have added a new level of understanding to my own beliefs and the way that I personally view the nature of life and my place in it.

Understanding the nature of the whole more has really made me think and to be more aware of the implications of my own words and actions. I always thought the rule of ‘harm none’ was important and also incredibly hard – but realising that in harming the smallest of things, I harm everything – because all is a part of the whole – has taken that rule and made it a powerful imperative. Likewise, realising that we can all play a vital role in the healing of everything has been a revelation. We are all a crucial part of a single, vast and wonderful organism – an inadequate word – and that one piece of understanding can bring joy and great fulfilment.

A part of me wishes that I could step aside more from my day-to-day world of work in order to focus more on spiritual things. I certainly know that the stresses of work result in me struggling to retain the sense of connectedness that is so important to me. When you notice a long gap between these posts, you can therefore tell that I have had to focus more on practical things and less on things of the soul. I’m working on being able to better balance it all!

I still have moments of grave doubt about the process – but I have learned not to worry about that. I have been taught to test but not to judge. I have also been taught to trust, as long as my intent is true. But the testing instruction has been a lesson that I have found useful in all aspects of my life. And so, I will continue sharing for the time being.

I welcome feedback – if you have a comment or a question, please post it and I will do my best to respond. If you have been following this blog – thank you – I hope you have found it as useful as I do. If you’re new to it, then welcome – I hope you will find it interesting and read through more of the posts.