I have made a move to share your words with more people. I am very wary of doing this because I remain unsure about it all. But I have made it clear that the words should be taken at face value and it is up to people to make of it what they will. It still feels scary though! Will this affect the conversation? Does it add too big a layer of wariness to it all?
Elias: Your concerns are natural and we understand them. Please do not concern yourself, however, because the words will speak for themselves. We offer no startling revelations, simply a gateway for those who would walk through.

Marasina: You set such import on the reality of these words – the truthfulness of this encounter. And yet you know in your heart that this is an honest process. Trust yourself in all that you do, as long as you do it with the right intent. You wish to share these words and that is a valid step to take. You also wish to keep yourself removed from them at this point in time. That, too, is valid. Remember that you tend to judge yourself too harshly and then step back a little from your immediate concerns.

We will stand by what we say and we will not leave this process because you have taken a step that will achieve what we wish – have that faith in us – not because we are other to your own kind of existence, but because we are all a part of the One. In that, you can test us and set our words alongside other aspects of the whole and assess our intent. In that lies the truth – that we are at once the same and other, and that we all approach this conversation with the desire to assist learning, understanding and progress.

We understand how vulnerable it can feel to be given these words in a sceptical world. We have each, in our ways, had to stand tall and hold our ground when those around us would not see or hear. But you are far from alone. There are others, some you know and others you don’t, spread around your world and across the universe, who are taking a step forward in sharing what they know. You will find, and indeed already have done so, that there is a general reawakening. These words are a small part of that bigger process.

So try to put aside your concern and your wariness. Follow your instinct and your own inner learning – that connection that you have with the One and your understanding. We will move forward together and build on what is already in place. Those that care about you or who genuinely seek will not judge you.

Elias: This is true and is spoken to you from truth. Set aside your own fear and concerns and turn instead to that still place that you carry within you and that carries us all within it. There you will find all that you need. The words will come and they will stand or fall depending on the openness of those that hear them. Think of it as one who sows the seed – you do so in the belief that someone will harvest the fruit of your labour. That is all that we can do. We provide the words. At this point in the process that is all. Know that you are sharing this experience as one who points out to others a beautiful view. Some will hear and see, some will not. That does not detract from the existence of the view.
Thank you. That has been helpful. I would like to ask you another question. I have been struggling recently with a low mood, and that has in turn led me to feel very down about some aspects of my life. I do not like being in this place and would like to move to a point where I am feeling much happier about my life. I know that there are practical things I can do but I would value any guidance that you can offer.
Elias: Living a physical life can bring with it a great many complications. Those who are aware of higher things and their true nature can find such an existence more of a trial than most. Remember though that the purpose of a physical life is to savour those things that you cannot enjoy in other forms. Reach out to those things that make your lifetime unique for you and embrace them. You already know that the simple things are most often those things that bring the greatest joys.

In finding that joy, you will be able to settle other aspects of your life into their rightful place. Identify the unhelpful distractions from those that uplift you. Tackle those aspects of life that cannot be changed with enthusiasm, but walk away from those that can be left behind when they cease to be a positive influence. You know how to test anything – does it add something to the whole? Does it bring positive growth or pleasure? Does it enhance the whole as it enhances your moment?

Not all that you experience as a negative influence will be, in truth, as harmful as you believe. Sometimes, you will not be able to see an immediate purpose or gain an immediate joy. But you should be able to sense that it is part of a positive balance for some reason. Your participation brings something of value, to yourself or to others. In all things lay growth and learning if you are willing to see.

The brightest of suns cannot be seen when darkness abounds. But the sun remains in its place and will still be shining. Remember this, and use that light to inspect where you stand. Choose the many good things that it will reveal, and walk away from the harmful things that may be hidden in the half light. This is nothing new to you but it is easy to mislay the truth when you are laden down with things that you should not be carrying. Set aside that which is unhelpful. See afresh that which is there to help you and take it up.

Put yourself in the light, see the truth of that which you carry and determine what you will choose to carry forward on your journey. And at all times savour the joys that come with being you and living this lifetime. And remember your part in the whole and its part in you. This will bring you the joy and fulfilment that you so desire.