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I am slowly coming to accept that this conversation is a part of my life and that I can trust it. Or more importantly, that I can allow myself to trust my part of it. At the moment, though, the words are locked inside my iPad, shown to only a couple of people and occasionally read to a few more. Could you tell me a little about how you see this conversation developing? Should I share it with others? I really want to be sure I am doing the best thing. Can you provide any guidance on this?
Elias: We are glad that you see that our conversation goes beyond something private – while we will happily converse with you, our words are not constrained to one aspect of the whole. This is not intended to undermine what we understand can be something of a private matter for you. We all know that, from the outset, the simple act of you writing our words down implies something that should be shared.

Because humans experience so much of daily life as individual beings, you automatically live much of that experience at a level of separation that is illusory. You experience a conversation as one of two individual beings. You, and many others, know that that sense of separation is an important part of your kind of existence. But you also know that it is like a stage whisper – a private conversation taking place in front of an involved but largely silent audience.

Our conversation is a strand of activity woven amidst an endless stream of thoughts, other conversations, experiences and learning. The one both contains and is within all such communication and experiences.

We tell you this because it provides a background against which you can see the answer to your question. As always, what you choose to do with any aspect of your life, your thoughts or your actions must be according to your own path and intent. At no point will we tell you that we require you to do or say something. Indeed, were that to happen, then you would know that all is not well and that this process should be re-examined.

Think of it in this way. Any words that share understanding, that will help or encourage people to find their own understanding – why would you not share that? We do ask of you some constraints: remember at all times that the words we share do not belong to one person but to the whole; that the energy we work from and generate together is that of a whole that is dynamic and balanced and sustaining. We ask that you consider at all times your intent and that you weigh and balance how you use these words and when.

If you choose to share the words of this conversation more widely, you will find that some embrace them, while many will ignore or even revile them. That is as it will be – each will hear what they need to hear when they are ready, and some will not be ready in their current life cycle.

Consider it in this way – that when you speak your words echo throughout the whole. These words will echo similarly. Just as you don’t expect others to put great weight on your day to day words, do not expect them to put great weight on these words. If your heart remains good and true and your intent is positive, then you can be sure that these words will reach those that will hear.

Remember also that we have worked with you in this way, in part because it is a process that worked for you. We will share our words regardless of process – that is to say that you can trust our words whatever way you choose to hear them or share them.
Thank you. That is very helpful. I appreciate your guidance and I assure you that I will always try to reflect your words or share them in a positive way. Is there anything else at this moment that you would like to share?
Elias: We want to reassure you and those you share these words with. We are aware that there is a growing sense of concern about the direction in which some of your leaders appear to be heading. Remember that the whole is ultimately a self-healing environment and that the natural outcome is a sustaining and positive one. You are learning how to actively participate in the whole. Work with the energies and networks of the whole and balance is always possible. Work at all levels – in your life state the immediate and personal often seems the most important to you. However, remember at all times your true nature and that of the whole of which you are a part. Working at that level has the greatest impact when backed by pure intent. We can promise you that by being who and what you are and working in harmony with the whole, your worries and concerns will prove groundless. Where you see discord, you will see great harmony. Where you fear a breaking down of what you value, you will see instead new ways forward that will being unity and joy beyond that which you can imagine.

Change is not inevitably a worry. It can be a catalyst for positive movement in your journey. Those that would harm or damage your world or your communities will act in the belief that they are achieving their own goals. However, they will find instead that such behaviour goes counter to the natural balance. They may appear to have gained ground and some will despair and be harmed. Hold fast and recall your own power. Work at all times with pure intent and follow your best path. Damage will be undone and balance restored, energies will be healed and flow strongly once more and life itself – the true one – will prove itself.