Is there anything that you would like to share today?

Elias: We are glad that you are finding this a useful exercise. We are conscious that hearing our words can be both an unusual and a challenging process. You have taken care to reflect our words as we speak them, and for that we are grateful. It can be that those that work in this way seek to interpret this communication into words that fit with their way of thinking. We understand that, but it can make it difficult to say what we mean.

We are conscious that your world is facing big changes over the next period of its existence. But these changes are probably not the changes that your people are concerned about. Your leaders and your politics – they occupy a great deal of time and concern. But remember that they are a part of the whole just as much as everything else. The discussion we had about healing applies to this area of activity just as much as it does to ill health. It is simply another imbalance.

There are those in your world that are much respected – that even your leaders listen to and take note. By looking at the words of these people and their actions, you will know that their heart is true and that you can trust them. These people bring peace and healing, not division. They bring unity and equality as principles upon which all else it built, rather than seeking ways to generate wealth or power.

We hope that this conversation, and others like it, will add to the voices of those few. In this way, more people will come to hear, to remember and to understand. You may feel that this is a slow and difficult way to work. However, remember your own learning. Such awakening has to be a natural process. Each will take their own time and their own path, and this is as it should be. And each will need to find others that have travelled before them, for support and assurance.

Have patience. This is the message that we bring. Have patience and trust in the connection you have with the One. As integral parts of the whole and of all that is, has been and will be, you are remembering your truth and the place in the truth of the whole. And when you find yourself becoming impatient, remember that your time is but a blink in the universe. It is as the energies and the networks of those energies thrive and renew, that the whole will pulse with a renewed vigour and every part of the whole will in turn thrive and renew. From the nothing of everything, to the fullness of every part – that is the joy that you know, the fullness that you remember and the completion of all that is to come.

Marasina: The grandness of these concepts can overwhelm, but do not let that overwhelm you. While you have a physical existence, so much of your concern lays within that experience. Your family, your loved ones, your communities and your surroundings. That is at it should be. In sharing with you the whole picture, we hope simply to reassure you that you both feed into that wholeness and benefit from it. By explaining the nature of the whole, we seek to help you to remember that you are never abandoned, you are never left to deal with struggles or harm without the resources of the whole at hand.

I took for granted my place in the whole and yet still wondered about the gifts that your limited physical existence brought to you. While you may kick against the frailties of a short life or an imperfect body, know that you also have great gifts. Embrace those gifts while you are able, because the memory they give you will be something that you will retain for all time and it will become in turn a gift for the whole.

Elias: Listen well to our sister, for she knows whereof she speaks. Let us progress with this conversation and continue to share. It is good and something of value to us all.