Can you share with us some guidance on healing? You have explained how we are all a part of the one. How then can we each gain the healing that people need and how can we help the land heal?

Elias: That is a big question, but one that we will try to answer, if only in part. Healing is required when the natural flow of balanced and positive energy is disrupted. Sometimes it is obvious what the problem is, making it a simple matter to correct. For example, if someone suffers ill health because they have over indulged in alcohol, the answer is to abstain and to rehydrate the body with natural fluids. If a stream dries up because something is blocking it, remove the blockage and everything is restored.

However, the answer may not always seem as obvious when it comes to more complex issues. On one level, energy is a simple concept. It flows as part of a network – maintain the network and all is well. Disrupt the network and problems will begin – sometimes in small ways, with small impact, but it can build and build if not repaired quickly. In this way, a small wound, for example, can become something requiring radical surgery if it is not dealt with rapidly.

It is important to understand that we speak not only of physical matters. Just as the energy that nurtures the whole is multi faceted and complex, so that complexity is in every part of the whole. Sometimes, you can repair the physical but not see a full restoration of positive energy. This is because you must always look at healing from not only the physical aspect, but also from the aspects of spiritual wellbeing and mental wellbeing. The three are become one and should be considered as three parts of all healing.

You have many approaches to healing in your world. Some understand the interconnection of the three aspects, many do not. Some will advocate a focus on one aspect over the others, and some will quite passionately refute any approach other than the one that they promote. As in all things, you should test such things rigorously – look not only at methods and results, but at the way people approach those they offer healing to. Are the results fleeting or sustained? And do those that offer the healing treat it as a source of great profit? As in all things, everyone is due fair recompense for their work, but if you see unfair costs alongside dubious outcomes, then you must draw back and question both the motives and the results.

With healing, as with all things, you must work in full alignment with the whole. In this way, you become a hub for the network and a place from which energy can flow. With practice you can learn to renew broken networks, to create new networks and to help fading networks thrive once more. This is an easy concept to understand when working with the land, but it also applies to people, to animals and to plants.

Remember that there are those situations where you cannot understand fully those things that happen beyond your sight or your understanding. In these circumstances, you may find that you can achieve so much but struggle to do more. Often, this will be because there are other aspects in play – even other beings working against the healing work. Sometimes, people have chosen a particular path and they themselves choose to keep a blockage in place. 

This is important to understand because it can be easy to judge when healing doesn’t appear to take place. At all times the best approach is to do your best – work with the knowledge that you have. Sometimes, the pathway to healing will be clear and smooth. Often, however, it may take not only your work, but the work of others to fully restore. It may be that the person in need of healing has to take some steps themselves. 

This may sound anything but simple, but if you place it in context – within the whole of which we are all a part – then you will understand. Think again, of a dried up stream. It may not only take clearance of a blockage – it may also require a period of rainfall. I think you would be surprised if, in a multi-dimensional existence, approaching something from just one angle gave a complete answer. Bear this in mind when you wish to bring healing. And remember that every action will have an impact. It may be your action that tips the balance or that completes the healing journey. It may not be. 

At all times you must avoid judging others if their healing appears to be halted or slow. You must also avoid judging yourself if your action is not the turning point. Instead, know that your intent does create action, seen or unseen. Acting with a true heart does make a difference. And remember also that, at all times, the whole is itself constantly working to repair, to heal, to sustain and to nourish.