It has been a busy week so I’ve found it difficult to settle and clear my mind. Thank you for being patient.
Do not worry. There is no immediate rush for this conversation – no time limits. We are inclined to take our time in order for our messages to be heard. For each there is a time and in many ways each person makes their own time.

You have been looking at how our worlds intertwine. We are pleased that you understand and have a good level of recollection – although at the moment you are seeing much of that recollection as some kind of residual knowledge that is somehow available to you. This you will understand better as our conversation progresses and as you step forward.

In our current state, we are able to be wherever we wish. You too have that ability, although you have to leave your physical body behind. You are now understanding past experiences in the light of broadening knowledge – this happens to many people in this situation. It is a journey on which you are joined by many others across your world. There are times when you feel alone in this journey, but you know this is not so. You know that you can never be truly alone because of the nature of the whole.

Your world has many preoccupations, from wars to wealth. It has ever been so for the people of your world. But there is a time coming when there is an opportunity for this to shift. As more people become aware of their truth, the balance of energy across the networks can shift – changing the vibration of the time. In this way, those that do not yet understand their place in the whole will become aware of something that is different. They will be aware that some of those they know seem in tune with those differences, while others are not.

This will be a time for all people to test what is happening – to them and to others. There will be those who claim to be able to lead others through this time. Be wary of such people. In truth, there is not need for that kind of leader. While some have talents in organising practical things, those that would organise what you think, believe and do – they are the ones that would lead you falsely.

Test – test their words but above all their actions. Do not allow yourselves to be duped by illusion or greed. True leaders are not those that would assume power, but those who eschew the outward signs of power. Look for wisdom, not cleverness. Look for the signs of positive energy, not the results of people who would abuse that energy. Look carefully at what they leave behind – does the land flourish? Does the energy flow more freely? Does the light shine more brightly?

The speed at which this change happens is dependent not on any external event or intervention. It depends on those who are developing their understanding and who are remembering. As people grow into who they truly are, then the energy of the whole will react, moving to embrace and encourage. The whole, of which we are all a part, will respond – meeting renewed energy with extra vibrancy. Where the network was damaged it will become whole. Where the energy was still intact but dimmed, it will regain its brightness.

Small acts of restoration will have a big impact and this will be felt across your land. As your world weeps for the losses and damage caused by war, it will begin to celebrate the positive shift that it witnesses. People will see and seek how they too can be a part of this change. The responsibility will be upon those that remember to help those people to begin their own journey of recall. It does not take great intellect or lengthy studies. It will however require patience and understanding – guidance when needed and asked for, explanation when some stumble.

The best discovery is that which comes from within oneself. And this journey comes from within, where the person’s heart, mind and soul works together. Triggered by a sudden recollection, a fleeting glimpse of something once fully understood but now shadowy – this is how most will turn towards their true selves. This requires only gentle guidance, reassurance and understanding. Each will recall their own truth, in their own way – but the core truth will underpin the whole.

In your world, as physical beings, you feel bound by time. But remember that this is partly an illusion to enable you to experience your current existence. Do not let the physical laws of your world confine your exploration or limit your rediscovery. As you remember, you will once again realise your ability to fly between the worlds, to weave and disentangle, to enjoy the fullness of your true being.