I want to learn so much and gain greater understanding. I’m hoping that wherever this conversation comes from it will help me find constructive ways forward. At the moment the demands of work and the resulting stresses threaten to get in the way of feeling connected. I know a lot of people feel like this – do you have any advice for us in finding a positive way forward through all of this earthly busy-ness?
Elias: Your society has made a choice to place occupation and earning wages at the centre of the way that you survive. It is inevitably so when each person is separately responsible for everything that makes living possible. You push people into a place where they have to pay for accommodation and food and everything else that they need. This then places a strain on each person to find ways to pay for those things. Alongside this, you make work an essential and pay set rates for productiveness. You create a cycle for your people that can become a joyless and unfulfilling way to live.

Consider a different approach. Consider a society where people are willing and even honoured to contribute to that society. The community identifies its needs and works together to deliver the best it can for all members. If the community needs 20 houses, the community builds and provides that housing. The fulfilment comes from contributing to the group, making the community a better place, sharing your skills and your hard work for the benefit of all.

Rather than seeking personal gain, seeking communal gain brings reward. Rather than the desire for personal benefit, you work together for the benefit of all. In this way, the rewards are not just material, but bring happiness and contentment. You can truly rest in the knowledge that you have done your best and that those in greatest need will be assisted to benefit in the same way as those most able.

However, while you believe yourselves to be truly separate beings, each in need of your own separate space and set of materials, then you will not discover the joy of being part of a whole. Even within your families you follow paths of separation. Can you see that you have constructed a way of being that leads to enforced separation and all that that entails? You look at those in your society that struggle and wonder why and struggle to find solutions. But it is your own way of being that inevitably delivers such results.

We are not saying that you all have to live in one place or share one meal. That is not practical and you have been born as individuals for a reason. But you can celebrate and gain joy from being an individual as well as benefit from the fact that you are all part of the one whole. Act as if you where one being – which you are – and you will resolve so many of the difficulties that your society inflicts upon itself.

You know that if you separate a river into small boxes, dividing it away from the main flow of the river, that you create stagnant pools and harm the natural course of the river itself. The same principles apply to people. Ill health – stagnancy – a separation from who you truly are – and a society that is harmed and in its turn harms others. Those are the results that you will deliver, and you can see this across your world.

You see people that should be family acting as enemies, inflicting pain and horror on each other. And you scratch your heads wondering why this is. And then you look around you, seeking out that which makes you different to others and you create another box and separate out another part of the river. It is time to learn this lesson and move on!

It may seem extreme to talk of wars when you have asked a question of about how to deal with being over-run by your daily lives. But the same principles apply. You feel the weight of responsibilities and try to deal with them as a single entity. You each behave as if you have a single field to plough and that you will be measured by how fast and well you plough that field. That is how your society works and it fails all of you.

How much better would it be if you could see that there are no individual fields, but rather just a group of fields. And that there are a group of you wishing to plough them. By working together, the stronger helping the weaker, the skilled teaching and sharing their skills, the leaders working alongside everyone else, then you will start to see different results. The difficulties become something shared by all – and everyone can contribute to the solution. The successes are shared by all.

Instead of feeling the weight of a lone task and the unjustified expectations of others, try to share the task, share the work, share the benefits and share the joy of being part of the true whole bringing a natural resonance back to the energy of the situation. Become a self-sustaining and positive influence as part of the one whole, adding energy, harmony and growth. The result is joy and wellbeing.

Changing the way things are done is never easy. But rather than trying to change the process, change your understanding of who and what you are and the other changes will naturally come about. They are the inevitable outcome of working from your true nature. And they will transform your daily lives, your society and your world.