I haven’t added any posts for a while. This is for a number of reasons, but a major one was that I gained names for the three voices but found I struggled to share this. I found having names disconcerting. It somehow made it more personal. It also caused me to review the mental pictures I had created for each of them. Not being hugely confident about this process – still – it made me pause. The conversation itself continued – but it made me pause in sharing it. 

I allowed myself to get in the way really. I said at the beginning of sharing this conversation that I didn’t want to get in the way of the words and that is what I have done. The words should stand on their own – to be judged as valid or not by those of you who choose to read them. By intervening, I have put my thoughts and vulnerabilities before the words. While I know I have to accept some responsibility in sharing the conversation – it isn’t my place to censor.  I feel comfortable keeping words that I feel are very personal to me out of the public domain. However, I have felt distinctly uncomfortable withholding something purely because it jarred a little with my own sensitivities.

I realise that I have made a mistake – one outcome of this has been a reluctance to participate in the process for a while. I hope that this correction will get things back on track. I have chosen to keep #29 unpublished for the time being as that occasion was very much addressed to me personally. And already – correcting this omission has brought a sense of my energy being restored!

So – I offer below a section of #28 – dated 1st October 2016:


I would like to know more about those involved in this conversation. You have alluded to times that part of me does recall, so I assume some past connections. I find I don’t physically connect during this process, so I struggle to place you in that way. Are you able to help with this? And if so, is it okay to share that with others?

[The first voice]: We are willing to share that information with any that are interested for positive reasons. I linked with you on Alpha Centauri – in linear terms that was the first time our paths crossed. Since that time we have woven our way across the universe. Your path has a particular link to the Earth, and you have existed many times there.

The nature of existence is such that we each travel paths that take us where we are needed and where we need the path and what we can learn there. We have shared physical paths, on earth and elsewhere. We have also shared time as fully energised beings beyond the physical. Beyond those common experiences, we have all woven separate paths and served as servants of the whole as healers, guides and weavers of energy for the whole.

If you wish to refer to me by name, in your language and in this time you may call me Elias. My voice is the one that you will recognise most within these conversations. Sometimes, you will observe that voice changes as another of us wishes to speak. They will each present themselves as they wish.

We each bring particular knowledge and memories to this process. Some of us you will recognise, we believe, while others you may not. However, even if you sense that one of us is a stranger to you, please try to trust that we will protect you – you have nothing to fear.

We make no claim to have all knowledge – only the fullness of the one whole offers that. However, as a part of the one we have access to much truth and understanding and we pledge to work with you in openness and a willingness to share as much as we are able.

Some things we cannot share. This is because it is not our role to do so. As we have explained before, we are here to assist your own recall and to provide assistance to those who would understand their nature and how we can all work together for the best future for your people and your land. To this end, we will endeavour to share what we can and it is our intent to do this as clearly as possible without putting anyone in the way of harm or confusion.

[The second voice}: My name is Thomas. I have spoken to you briefly in this conversation and you should recognise my voice. I can speak to you of more definite things when you have particular questions. You and I have a different kind of connection to that which you have with Elias but that should not concern you. We have, as different beings, crossed paths before and you should recall that – you will recall that I have often taught you. It does not matter if you do not however.

[The third voice}: I must thank Thomas for speaking – he has much wisdom to share and will, I am sure, be most useful to us all in this process as we go forward.

I am Marasina and I know that you already sense my presence. We have a strong physical connection and for that reason I have remained in the background in these conversations. You know that you can converse with me – and indeed any of us – in other ways. I wish to assure you that I bring a great element of care with me – for your people and your land and for you personally. As you learn to work with us – within this written process and beyond – I hope you will find great strength and assurance. Your strength is your own, but we can reassure and guide.

We three are the core of the conversation – we each have our strengths and our weaknesses. We will defer to one another and step in when needed. As we move forward, we will combine our understanding and always seek to guide you in truth and with integrity.