I have been thinking of the nature of being a part of the whole – how exciting that is and how vast it is. Understanding the nature of that, set against the nature of who we are as physical beings, tied to this place and this time, is a challenge but also a magical thing. It is almost too big to grasp!

Elias: This is true. It is a big step to take but when you consider that this current existence is but a small part of who you really are, once the door to understanding is open, embracing the truth is a natural and freeing step. The challenge for those of you who have taken that step is that you have to live in your world and not be taken up in it – that is not easy.

You have to see and understand the things that would harm you, your world and your people. But you have to also set them to one side in order to avoid yourself becoming embroiled in the detail of trying to resolve those things that can never be resolved through discussion or argument.

Marasina: This is true – think back to what moved me to shift my own nature in order to experience both the joy and the pain that I saw in the humans around me. I couldn’t take on their pain, I couldn’t resolve the day to day problems that weighed them down. But I could learn and I could experience – I could seek to add to my own understanding and, in so doing, I could work with the energy of the whole. In this way we can bring true healing, true change.

It is not easy and you know this. You experience the painful reality of being a human with a human body – a frail and temporary temple. But you also experience the incredible joys; we can know – but you can see and smell and touch and hear and sing. That is to be celebrated, even amidst those things that weigh your world down. Indeed, it is in celebrating and understanding that you can truly be free and demonstrate to your world how to be free.

Elias: Being able to hear inner and outer voices is a gift and a much needed skill in order to move forward in understanding. Test each one and you will quickly learn which to trust. Then step forward in confidence, in your fullness and the wholeness of the one will support and guide you.