For some reason I feel more uneasy about this process now that there are names. It feels too neat in a way – too much like something off a shelf, if that makes sense. I would really like to be able to feel more certain that this isn’t just in my head – but as the words land in my head I’m not at all sure how to achieve that. So I’m putting it out there – is there a way I can feel more sure about this?

Thomas: Sometimes some things in life have to be taken at face value. You are presented with something and you have to decide what to do about it. In this instance you have a number of choices. You could treat it as something that is fully yourself – how you then take it from that point depends on how you value yourself. You could treat it as something that is totally from what you think of as ‘other’ – again, how you take it from there is dependent on your attitude to ‘other’ and your level of commitment to it.

Those are just two options. I will not list the many others. There are, it seems, two things that you can decide. Firstly, regardless of the perceived source, do the words themselves have value? Secondly, where do you stand on the issue of source? How separate do you think you and I are? Is it so difficult to accept that we can have a conversation – a complete and sensible conversation – simply because you are one kind of being and I am another?

I see this as something very simple. If you are willing to sit and converse and write down the words, then you must feel there is some value in the process. Elias has already said to you that we do not expect our words to be taken and accepted without question. That would be foolish by any measure. I think that, in asking this question, you are really not asking about us but about yourself. The question is, are you willing to continue or not? If so, let us continue. If not, then we will understand.

Elias: Thank you Thomas for your insight. As always you cut straight to the point. However, that approach is not always the most helpful.

I agree, however, that we have covered this matter before. There will always be times of uncertainty – that affects all beings at some point. We hope that you will continue and we will see where we can go and what we can achieve. Does that seem fair?

Marasina: There is no need to feel concerned about any outcomes. Those that will accept these words will gain from them and value them. Those that are not ready to accept, will quickly move on because neither this process nor those involved are important to them. We want this to be a positive process, of value to all. That will not be achieved if we undermine you or put you in a situation where our words are disrespected.

Elias: We are agreed then. I would like to move us on. We are aware that there is great turmoil in parts of your world at the moment. Wars are taking place and others are threatened, bringing hatred and death to many who do not deserve it. This behaviour comes out of a misunderstanding of the nature of your people’s existence. If people could pause and begin to understand their place in the one whole, they would realise with great dismay that they are effectively harming themselves.

In failing to understand the level of connectedness that binds us all together, some people believe that they can act independently for their own gain, or to punish or harm others. They cannot see that in harming another person they are in fact harming a part of themselves. We have lived through such times and witnessed horrors beyond description. But the greatest horror is to see that one hand is torturing the other, that the mouth is devouring it’s own flesh and that the words of hate are landing in the mouth’s own ears. Once you see the true nature of the whole, this kind of action is revealed in its true ugliness.

We cannot shake your world to wake it up. We cannot conjure up visions unasked for to make people see. We can only share what we know and hope that, in turn, others will come to know.

Your world is changing fast and people are looking for new solutions to age old problems. Those new solutions exist, but usually in places that people don’t see. Rather than look for wise answers, they reach out for easy answers or they follow those that stand out from the crowd. In this way, false saviours are placed in positions of power. But don’t let this worry you – false saviours are always shown up because they are simply made of wrapping – there is no substance and no real desire to help others. This is usually obvious quickly and they trap themselves and hasten to their own demise.

Have faith in the true glory of the whole and the many that make up that whole. Every grain of sand, every leaf, every drop of water and every breath of air has an unerring instinct to protect the whole – to heal and to end harm. You and people like you will be able to understand all of this and to act accordingly, healing the land through your understanding of the network of energy and healing the people simply through a desire to fully be who and what you are.

Think of it as a small stone dropping in an ocean. The ripples spread ever outwards, changing everything that needs to change, carrying the message that needs to be carried, connecting and connected. Have faith in the one, in the part you each have within the one and the power of the whole working through the one.