After a weekend of being immersed in school day memories it feels odd to be sitting here trying to refocus on what lies beyond. But I have missed this – so we’ll see if it’s possible…

Recollection can be a powerful thing because it reconnects you with things that you have forgotten in the midst of busy lives. And deliberately remembering, being prompted to recall by others – that can trigger new memories. It can also make you link memories, bringing understanding to particular situations.

Your dreams and your memories often become mixed up. But what you often think of as dreams are simply memories of other times. You think that because the setting is strange or the action within a dream is unusual, you allocate it to your dreams. However, when asleep your mind is able to access so much more than your subconscious of the day. In your sleep you are once again aware of ancient influences, previous learning, recollections from other existences and other places.

Some of your people understand this and they use it to help people understand themselves and to come to terms with past trauma. Each of you can do this – it is a way that is open to any who would examine themselves in a more complete way.

This is why often your society salutes those who are driven by their dreams. There is an inherent understanding that dreams are of high value and a natural respect for those that use their dreams as a means of pushing themselves forward in some way.

You will find that being mindful of your dreams – fulfilling them in some way – will bring an extra sense of peace and a sense of being at home. This is because you are reconnecting with something like a past skill, a task allocated at your beginning, deep learning and being at one with the whole. The peace and joy that this brings is because you are once again within the flow of the energy of the whole, fulfilling your own truth.

In the same way you can see that feeling unsure or uncomfortable in a situation can serve as a sign that you are working against your own natural flow and disrupting the flow of the whole. Be wary of coming to this conclusion lightly, however. It can be a positive thing to have to push your way through that which would hold you up or get in your way. This teaches perseverance and other valuable attributes. But you will learn that there is a difference between the need to persevere and the signs that you are in the wrong place attempting to do the wrong thing.

Through your dreams and meditations you can access much of who and what you truly are. You can also learn of other places and other ways of being. A rich stream of recollection and understanding awaits those of you who can access this part of yourselves.

[The second voice]  Talk of mediation is important. Too many people treat it lightly or ignore this skill. We do not understand this for it is an important aspect of being. Having the discipline to meditate is important, as is the willingness to learn and to recall. Teaching people this skill is of great importance. There are many traditions and which you choose is unimportant. What is important is the willingness to set aside the time and to learn, actively and with intent.

It is important to learn the key skills and to allocate time to the act of – the intention – of being still. How can you hear the inner voice unless you still the outer voice? How can you block the world’s chatter unless you set yourself aside from it? Once you have made this a regular part of your practice you will gain much of value. Consider it a vital step on your journey.
[The third voice]  I watched long ago as humans demonstrated a wonderful ability to be fully involved and engaged with their physicality. This drew me and taught me a great deal. It is what led me to step aside from my own path as I desired to experience the joy and the sadness that comes with living in a time-limited way.

I hope that I have been able to share how blending the immediacy of an experiential life with the serenity of a longer understanding and an open connection with the one can lead to a greater and more meaningful way of being.

Dreams are a feature of a physical existence – they give you the power to travel and to experience beyond your immediate world. They can be uplifting and fearful, but always they hold something of value.

Being able to shift from one environment to another, one world to another is a key skill. As you learn to do this in a controlled way you will extend your skills and dramatically extend your possibilities for learning and connecting to the whole.
[The first voice]  In having this conversation you will struggle on occasion to remain focused and that will tell in the words that are written down. That in itself is not a bad thing as it will teach you to know when the words have value and when they do not.

Be assured that your trust will not be betrayed. We will endeavour at all times to offer our truth and to provide guidance to help you attain your own. This form of communication is not a science in that it has little in the form of rules and formulas. However, it will over time form its own patterns and familiarities. You will learn when you can trust and when to increase the level at which you test.

This is a relationship that is still new for you in this lifetime. We know that aspects of it feel instinctive for you and that is good. This will grow and you will gain more certainty and comfort – an ease that reassures you. Do not apply pressure to yourself – we will share with you as and when you are able. Together, we can look forward to achieving something good – for you, others like you and for your world.

Note: there is a gap – numbers 28 and 29. This is explained on the ‘About’ page.