I feel that I want to get on now. I don’t understand this but I am testing it and finding that, for me, it is having a positive impact and I feel enhanced through it. The words have often spoken of finding joy, and I find that this process and the things I am learning do bring me a sense of joy. I feel that the gap between my day-to-day self and my spiritual self is much smaller and that in itself gives me strength. And so I want to continue with this conversation, learn what I can – and be a willing typist!
We too feel that we have established a strong link and that this process is bearing fruit. We wish to aid understanding and help those with a desire to move forward to do so with the full arsenal of the fullness of who they are at their disposal.

There is much work to do. Healing the land is in itself a task that will require work and understanding among those who wish to do that work. Understanding how not to harm the land would be a giant step forward for your people – there are those that understand this and work hard to avoid harm. Sadly, the relationship between your people and the land that supports them has long been broken. In turning from the ways of the first people to inhabit your world, humans have turned their back on many good things. Nurturing and working with the land is one of these.

However, as understanding about the nature of time grows and with the shift that will happen as more people recall and rediscover their own full truth, this will all change. Just as you weave your way through the layers and worlds, others will join you and the family that retains the links. The family will grow.

As you are learning, the need to test will become increasingly important. There are those for whom this kind of work promises gains other than those that will add to and sustain the fullness of the one whole. For these people, and other beings, it is a gateway, they believe, to wealth and power. They see a path that will enable them, they believe, to manipulate and control.

The beings that we wish to warn you about are not simple souls. They do not have pure hearts and, for the most part, they are aware of this and even proud of it. They can deceive and work their charm in ways that can cause great harm, going unnoticed until they are tested well. They will try to prove that it is you and your kind that are the true malefactors, by besmirching your name and seeking to bring you into disrepute.

Ultimately, there can be no victory for such behaviour. The one of which we are all a part will prevail because there is nothing beyond, nothing more. You may ask why then do we share concerns about such beings. Simply because all routes lead to the same destination does not mean that no care should be taken to choose the best route. If you undertake a journey, do you not choose the one that will bring you the most pleasure, the best scenery, the best results?

In just such a way, we want to help you achieve the best journey, that gives you the best experience and which brings the most positive and sustaining results for every part of the whole. We hope that you will understand this in the spirit in which it is intended. We do not – and cannot – intervene in your choices – those are for each of you to determine according to your own understanding and intent. We simply want to work with you, to aid you in your choice of journey and to support you as your understanding and recall grows.

We also feel it is important to stress that this conversation does not stand alone. It is important that it is tested – that is true. But it must also stand alongside that which you already understand, the guides that many of you already work with and the teaching that you respect and choose. Our words are simply a tool but one that we hope will come to be a valuable one: one that you can trust and that will help you to achieve all that you can achieve as an active part of this glorious whole.