I shared the last set of words with a small group of friends as it was relevant to all of us. That means I’m gaining confidence in this process. But on top of that, I know that it is becoming more meaningful for me – more important to me. I know that the process leaves me feeling uplifted and joyful.
You have paths set out before you, each determined in very different ways. Some are based on your task and what you would call ancient memory. Some are based on instinct – the paths that you know without doubt are yours to tread. That comes from the parts of you that are inherently linked with the whole. Some are based on your own observations and day-to-day life – the practical aspects of your self. And others are based on your desires and dreams – these too will be partly informed by your spiritual links and also all of the other paths.

What you will find is that these paths reduce in number. Some of the practical paths you will complete, others you will grow out of as your circumstances change or adapt. Those based on your desires and dreams will also change and some will come be completed. What will also happen is that some paths will slowly combine, as the landscape clears and you gain a clearer understanding of what lays at the paths’ ends. You will find that your dreams and desires become increasingly in alignment with your original task – your memory and your instincts will take you in the same direction. You will come to see how your practical paths can help you to travel your spiritual paths and how they all become a network connected to a single destination.

How you travel those paths is always a personal choice. Whether you step out on a path or complete it is also a choice. As your recall improves, as your connection builds, so you will gain greater clarity for your journey. Here, though, we must remind you that it is not your role to become concerned about which path you follow, or whether you complete a path. Becoming anxious in itself will block your recall and distance you from your connection. Working in harmony will carry you forward. Working from a point of anxious concern will hold you up and leave you unsure on your direction or goal.

Try to work always in harmony. This is the sense you have when things flow, when you feel at home and sure. You may not always feel safe or understand the reasons for what you do – but when you are drawn to something, when your instincts seem to know what to do, then step forward with surety. If your intent is true and your heart is good, then the whole will work with you and protect you, even if you misstep or take a wrong turn. Keep your link with the whole strong and listen to your instinct, listen to the recall in your mind. You will find yourself acting automatically, simply knowing when to act and what to do. And when you test that action, you will clearly see that it has been a positive step, not just for you but for the one whole. In this way you will be stepping ever closer to the completion of your task and to building a lasting part of the whole. It gladdens our hearts that you are already taking these steps.