There has been a lot of talk among those around me this week about being at a crossroads and being ready for the next phase in life – the desire to move on to new and better things that enable us to be more of the people that we really are. I understand that you don’t want to give specific information but can you offer any advice that will help us, and others in this situation, find a way to bring our spiritual lives more to the fore in how we live?
This is a natural desire, especially as you gain understanding of who and what you really are. Be wary of turning your back on the the things you consider mundane however, as we must pay attention to all aspects of ourselves and our place in the whole. In your society people tend to value one role higher than another, but consider it like a role within a family – is the person that cleans the floor more important than the person that cooks the meal? A harmonious sharing of tasks delivers a much better outcome than everyone seeking to only do what is considered more important or more valuable.

Having considered carefully why you wish to move forward in a different way then it becomes a matter of considering many things. Firstly though, consider your place in the whole and commune with that whole – you already have a role and a task and you will be given guidance and support in fulfilling that task. You may not, in this current existence, complete your task but rather just a part of it. But you will now understand that the part is just as important as the whole and so to be able to complete just a single step forward on your journey will bring you a sense of the completion of the whole.

Listen to your heart and to the whole – these two will guide you. Remember that beyond your physical nature you already know and understand all that you could need. You already know when you feel at home and comfortable in what you do. You already have aspirations that whisper to you and draw you. You already understand the signs that tell you when you are in tune with the energy of the whole and when not. You already know the sense of joy when you work with the flow of everything and the jarring discord when you do not.

Your dreams should also be considered. You know that your dreams contain knowledge from your current existence and from your memories of the whole. In this way you can be given a vision of what may be. As we have said throughout this process, you must take a step and test it. If it is good and true and adds to the energy of the whole, then it is something of value. If it in any way harms the energy of the whole, then it is something that you would best avoid – it will also harm you. But also remember that the whole can heal and repair – if your heart and intent are true, then a misstep will not waylay you for long.

Have courage and strength – you know that when you work with the energy of the whole you work with the mightiest force of all. You will be buoyed up and fed and nurtured. Your guides will help you – they will point out the signs in the landscape – the passes and the chasms, the vantage points and the traps. Learn to work with them – develop your relationships with them – test them until you are sure that you can place your feet on the ground they indicate.

The crossroads that you speak of – they are of this time. You are in this place at this time and with this hope because you have listened to your heart and the call of the whole. Trust the process and note where it takes you. What you learn now will be something that you can teach others when they ask about their own crossroads. We can tell you this – that the energy of the whole can work with you to make one of your steps as the step of a giant. Being in the flow of that energy magnifies and benefits in a way that will being you to your desire in an exhilarating way that you will at once recognise and relish.