Part of me is wanting to fire questions out in order to get at facts and figures. But I also know that that is me trying to catch myself out, or prove myself. Whatever, at the moment it doesn’t feel right, mostly because it gives me something other to do than simply type and I’m uncomfortable with that!

So I’ll try to focus and let the words come as they will…
You are full of questions and that is only natural. But this is not a game and it is not incumbent upon us to prove anything, either for your sake or for ours. We share and we will discuss, but then it must be tested and tried. We offer no quick panacea for the problems of your communities. Instead, we will share our experiences and our thoughts. But mostly we will prompt your own recall, your own knowledge that lays within you as a part of the one whole.

We understand that this frustrates you. It would be so much easier if we would say something that you can grasp on to as proof that these words are part of some ‘other’. Again, though, we remind you that while to you in your current world, we may be considered as ‘other’, we are just like you a part of the fullness. Unlike you we do not have physical form but we are a part of the whole. We are part of what you refer to as your past and your future – and, of course, your present.

You and others like you will recognise our voices and our words on occasion. That will serve as a small gateway for you. Put several of those gateways together and your recollection will become more vivid, just as your understanding grows.

In your traditions, people forget their full truth as they enter a new life. This is true and it can be required in order for you to live that life unencumbered and with a freshness and openness to learning. You awake to a new day with a new wonder and an untrodden path ahead of you. But more of your people are sensing those gateways, remembering and hearing echoes. And as people walk through those gateways they recall and they learn and those recollections and that knowledge is being used to help your people and your planet.

In this way your planet, and the physical life force that comes with it, will be able to avert the outcome that has shattered worlds before it. If you wish to assign us a role, consider it to be that of occasional guides. We can steer and advise and we will be able to answer your questions. But it is something that we will all do together. We will work together, as we have done in your past.

You will remember times when we have walked together and wept together. Times when we have taught each other or argued together will come to your recollection. Think of it as standing on a doorstep. Stood where you are, you hear echoes, sense movement and see glimpses of familiar things. Just one step forward enables you to fully partake of what lays beyond.

There have always been those of your people who retain more memories than others. Those who grow up with some inner understanding that others do not seem to understand. Some have embraced and welcomed that in their lives. Some, however, do not and have struggled with it to the point where they deliberately close their hearts and minds, wishing only to deal with the normality of day to day life. That is their choice and just as valid a path. Their time will come, when they will be ready once more to embrace that aspect of themselves.

Remember that, while your people are working within the limitations of time, a fixed time, much of the rest is not. There are others, working in different ways but also within linear time. Don’t be quick to dismiss it, because it gives you great gifts as well as constraints. Beings like ourselves are free to be where we wish, when we wish – where and when our roles can be most use. You have stood with us in this – you have weaved this path with us, which is why you understand who and what we are.

Networks within networks, energy within energy – this thing that is all things is vast and glorious. And we each play our part in maintaining, sustaining and building the whole. Our part shifts with the need of the whole – and with the need of every other part. When the smallest part of the whole is harmed or in need of nurture, the whole becomes involved in shifting the energy to provide care and healing. It is a very subtle action – much like the waves on the shore that you can hear at this moment. An ocean, made of millions of tiny droplets of water, moving as one, doing what is needed of it.

You are beginning to understand that even though you may feel helpless as a small part of your world, let alone of the one whole, you still play a part in that whole and in the state of your world and all those in it. If a part of the land of your world is harmed, even if it is many miles from your presence, you can consciously participate in the healing of that place. You understand this in the sense of participating in the healing of others – or are beginning to – but your people often forget that such participation does not require physical presence, or potions, or incantations. Simply remember who and what you are and play your part in the network of energy that sustains, drives and builds all that is.

We repeat that you already have a good understanding of this. All that is required is greater intent – and bringing understanding and intent together is all that is required, along with a willingness to test. This will ensure that your own actions are pure and the actions of others that would join the work are pure. This will become part of your nature, so do not worry unduly about this aspect.

We hope that this helped you to understand with a little more clarity what lies behind this conversation. It is a natural step, simply a part of the fullness of your people’s journey. As we have worked together in the past and in other ways, we will do so again in a way that will being us all great joy and fulfilment.

We do thank you for persevering with something that feels different for you. It will feel less different and you will cease to think of the gap between you and ourselves, because there is, in truth, none.