Shall we continue with the conversation?

When the sun rises, what do you see? A new day – a new beginning? A physical thing and a metaphorical symbol. A sunrise brings new hope and a new determination to much of day-to-day life. For some, it means something very different – another day of battle and hardship. For those people, some would prefer not to see a new day. One event, or symbol, that means so many different things to different beings. You can easily understand this because it is something that is common to all who share your world.

This kind of understanding needs to be applied to other things too. All things carry a multitude of meanings, each meaning something different so that no two people view the one thing in the same way. In this way, two people can be in the same place, looking at the same thing, hearing the same words and feeling the same wind on their faces and yet, they would each say something different about it. They would sense it differently, place it in a different part of their memory and apply a different import to it.

And yet when a society is making a decision or planning for something, they will forget this simple truth. They will see from a limited perspective and plan from that perspective and implement their plan from that same perspective. How much better would it be if all could understand this aspect of being in your world? A simple appreciation of the many different experiences and perspectives of others could transform how decisions are made for and on behalf of those people.

Dogma does your people a great disservice. It assumes a single perspective, a limited path of thought, a unity of experience and aspiration. In doing this it sets a very narrow path of possibility, limiting growth and cramping creativity. Rather than making such assumptions, the process should be done almost in the opposite way. You should ask right at the first step of a process, what options provide a way that allows for the broadest possible experience? How can we include the widest scope of aspiration?

Returning to the sunrise, one of the reasons you appreciate a sunrise is an inner sense that you experience it differently. A beautiful early morning light can open feel like it is a gift just for you and no other. Whether you understand the breadth of the impact of that moment or not, something within you understands that and that, in turn, adds meaning.

If you can learn to understand this, you will rapidly begin to see that it will give you the means to understand each other better. And that in turn helps you to understand yourselves better too. It will alter the way you make decisions that affect others and ultimately will make your communities places that are better suited to the people living there. More people will live happier lives. And there will be greater harmony too, because more people will be fulfilled and feel that they have room to become who they wish to become.

The lesson from a simple sunrise can teach you great things if you look at it with the eyes of the whole. An awareness of what you are really seeing and experiencing can open new horizons for you, without you having to do anything other than being open.