Trust and type – trust and type….
When you feel that things in your world are not working how you would like, you tend to look to others for change. You campaign for difference, from the subtle request to a friend, to lobbying your political or community leaders, to seeking direct action that often ends in confrontation that can lead to combat of some kind or another.

It is understandable to seek others to bring about the change you desire. There are occasions when, due to large numbers of people, that you need a leader to step forward. But you know in your heart, your true self, that the changes you desire start within – within you. The dissatisfaction that is felt by so many of your people in current times is understandable, because your leaders often fail to consider the whole community when they make laws and edicts. It has ever been this way – the few with power decide the best for the many without.

But let us look at that again – the few with power – how much power do they have in actuality? And who gave that power to them? And the many without power – do they really have so little power? And who took it away from them? You need to reconsider the order of things that you endorse and follow and expect. For, that which you expect will be delivered!

Each part of the whole has the same power – the power that abides within because they are a part of the whole. Never think that a human has more power than an insect, or the bud of a flower. You may have a greater physical presence. You have a greater physical presence than many things – are you superior to all of them? Equally, do you look at mountains and oceans and feel that they have power over you? Look again and consider your constituent parts. Keep dividing down and where do you arrive? A mass of energy – all part of the one whole truth. If all have equal value, equal standing as a part of the whole, how can one part be considered superior?

There is an inherent power in being who you truly are. Everything and everyone and all that is not – that power belongs to all. What we find is that many of those parts voluntarily give up that power – they hand it willingly to others: to other beings, and to other things. In giving up your power you give up who and what you are because you become blind to it. You have handed away your power and your existence is spent in a type of slavery. When you then feel constricted or unable to be who you want to be, you kick out. All that you have to do is take back your power – remember who and what you truly are, reconnect to the whole, step back into the natural flow of the whole and bathe in the joy of playing an equal role, an equal part.

This may seem difficult to do and we know that some of you spend a great deal of time working to achieve just this goal. Your goal lies all around you and, importantly, fully within you. What you so often perceive as a struggle or a battle even, is actually a simple step of change and acceptance. You do not need to learn lengthy mantras or pull yourself away from something in an attempt to gain peace. As we have mentioned before, it is a simple matter of intent and living that intent.

Intent and desire can create great things. There will be some, as there has always been some, that will use that simple fact to create change that benefits them and their own visions. That is their choice of course and the value of that choice can be tested in the same way that all else can be tested. If they are not up to being tested that will not stop them but they have chosen their path and will learn the lessons of that path. Do not judge or try to force them to do otherwise – you will simply add to their intent. Rather, focus on your own path. Test your own journey. Whether you are bound by time or not, the fundamental principles apply. Your choice and your intent will deliver the positive outcome you desire if you are working within the energy flow of the whole.

Consider it like a bank. Each person has money invested in the bank. They can withdraw that money at any point and spend it in any way they choose. Some will choose to spend it wisely, others will not. Whatever they do, the money will end up in the bank again – whether it has their name on it or whether someone else’s. During its journey it will have done good things or bad. Your financial institutions understand this principle and often abuse it. But we hope that you can see the futility of judging how others spend their money – or their energy as a part of the whole.

Your true currency is your place as a part of the whole. That is your true wealth. That is your greatest resource. And you have the energy of the whole at your disposal should you need it in order to protect or balance or build the whole. If you can understand your true nature, access your true power, keep and build your own power, learn to work with the network of energy that is the whole, then you will have found the greatest treasure, true joy and fulfilment within yourself.

You can see that in working this change within yourself, you will be working the greatest change in the whole. And that is the way to deliver yourself out of frustration and dissatisfaction.