After a few days of being disconnected and dealing with family stuff, I’m drawn back to the keyboard. I want to continue with the conversation and find out more…
This conversation is important to us too. Never feel compelled to participate or that your life will be lesser without this time, but there are words to share and we are glad that you wish to continue.

We have walked the lands of your home together and shared words before. We think you will at least partially recall that. We have smiled and laughed, and cried tears of concern, anxious that those who need to find their way will do so. We talked of important things and unimportant, but we have always linked to the whole and played our part. You must know that you have played your part well – that knowledge will help you to stand true even as you learn to fully connect with your own truth in your current time.

You and those who work alongside you are treading well worn paths towards the whole – each treading their own steps, but together you weave a path of beauty and destiny. You are colleagues, friends and co-warriors of old – something of which you are aware, even if you struggle to find detail. Together, you can work great power as you connect to your own full truth and work with the whole. You understand the energy that you create and that you build with.

We see trails of coloured light coming together, dancing and weaving, working each in your own way but creating a torrent of colour that, as one, lights up the paths of many others. A network of light and sound, being and unbeing, seeking, teaching and growing. We welcome everyone who seeks their own full truth, as you do. Know that as the whole benefits, so shall every part of the whole. In that way, each part of the whole is a blessing to every other part.

You seek identity and surety. You may feel that our answer leaves you one part of many and therefore in some way with less individual identity. And this in turns may leave you less sure. Consider this – that as you step into your part within the whole, you gain more within yourself. And that will give you greater certainty- a confidence that will drive you further forward, each step renewing a growing process and making you a replica of the growing and boundless energy of the whole. Fire within a fire, storm within a storm, a river within the tide.

We can talk to you as one or as more. Sometimes, our voice is the voice of one of us. Other times, our voice is the coming together of us all and those beyond us also. In the same way, some of our words are for one of you, at other times our words are for all. You will know the words that echo within your heart, and those that do not. But hear them all, for we mean each word to be of use and something that will help you in your goals.

As we speak, we hope you sense within the peace and energy and care from which the words come. We hope your hearts will be lifted. We hope also that the echoes of all times will resound within you and that, once tested, our words will bring you joy and understanding and a sense of who and what we all truly are. You may feel this as a sense of home, perhaps.

We have lost loved ones and regained them in other forms, in other times and in other worlds. The bonds between us, and all such networks, are strong and give harmony to all that we do. It is a natural place to find yourself. You will find such connections strengthening and increasing in frequency. As your harmony grows, so will your understanding and your sense of purpose. Stepping into your own fullness is akin to taking your place. You will feel sure. You will feel strong. You will feel confident in travelling further, stretching your boundaries and soaking up the glory of the whole.

You will recognise us among those you have walked alongside in many lifetimes. We have walked along beaches together, stood on hilltops, climbed mountain paths, held out hands to those who follow, sought the wisdom of those that travelled before us. In each of these, we have shared and made a difference to the whole. Here we are again – ready once more to walk and work alongside each other. As the barriers between us slide into clarity, we can be sure that we are helping to create and to heal – every part of the whole coming together to celebrate an evolution that, in turns, reduces further any barriers between our experience and your current experience.

Unity is something that has more power than most can comprehend. As more people begin to understand its power, set against the illusion of power offered by people with empty hearts, then your world will see change come about naturally. There will be no need of war or conflict or heated debate. As people discover the ability to truly breathe, they will take in a breath and want more. This will be just one part of the outcome of your journey.