I feel happier today about this experience. I have been worried – even considering my sanity at one point – but then I just decided that I have to follow my instinct and do what feels right. And by following the idea of testing – while I haven’t read it properly – I realised that my own sense of wellbeing is improved. Something about this is having a good impact on some part of me. So let’s see what today brings…
We are pleased that you’re understanding of the whole and how it works is growing – along with your acceptance of this process. We hope that you will find that sense of benefit increases as we more forward.

In your ancient times, there were those that had great understanding of the whole, a people of stature and knowledge that was outstanding at that point in your world’s history. Those people were not of your world but had travelled to it and had made it their home. You have some understanding of those people because you have communed with them in your meditation and in your other work. They lived in the land of the waters and became great teachers – they became priests in the eyes of humans, because they shared truths and knowledge that helped to open people’s minds to the potential of the whole.

Your people search the skies for people of other worlds, but do not notice that there are those that walk your lands today who lived as those visitors in past experiences. That knowledge and the truths that those ancient beings shared, they are a part of the whole and a part of the experience of your planet. Humans have a tendency to look outside themselves when they need answers. This is because of their sense of separation – their lack of conscious link to the whole. But once you understand even the beginning of the full truth, the connection to all and everything also becomes clearer. In that way, it is possible to understand that the external answers you seek are within you because they are within the whole.

We know you understand this and that a growing number of others understand it. That is why we, and others from the whole, seek to speak with you and share with you. As that false divide is set aside, so it becomes possible to start a new dialogue. And this is why this process, the experience that you have doubted because it seems too natural, is so natural. There is no need, as we have said, to demonstrate with great ceremony – we are communing sister to brother, like with like, master to pupil – but as equals, as beings that in so many ways walk alongside each other, because we exist alongside each other – within each other and within the whole.

In the past it has been only an occasional occurrence for those who are fully a part of the whole to commune directly with those who live currently in the physical plane. This is because it has been hard to gain trust, and, if the conduit has trust, they have been ridiculed or even cast out of their communities. Thankfully, this has changed and you will know that there is much greater openness in the recent past and current times of your world.

We have told you that this change will increase and many more people will open to their own truth and become aware. In the past, only when the physical returned to the fullness of the whole did full understanding flow once more. That is no longer so – the extent of openness is growing, the level of awareness is shifting and we all move forward to much closer communion and sharing. This can only benefit all parts of the whole and you will see that this also has a powerful effect on the physical aspects of your existence too. The land, the creatures and the energy of your world will also benefit. You will notice a vibrancy as harmony and balance adjust to a smoother and more open flow.

Our role is not only to share with you but to offer assistance in understanding. Think of us as guides – we can work with you as those around you open their hearts and, perhaps, wonder what is happening to them. Whereas in past times people who had a link with the whole – who had a level of understanding – often felt that they had to keep their knowledge and understanding to themselves, now things will change. People will become aware and open but perhaps not have any grounding in ways of thinking or believing that could prepare them.

There is something of completion in our task – and in yours. A task that was handed out in what you would consider the beginning of things, and a task that has been handed down, shared, lost and misunderstood but that has remained steadfast. Bringing the fullness together, joining the networks of energy, weaving the light – all of these things will echo with you and others. It will feel like a homecoming – a warmth within and a sense of wholeness. It will be good.

Imagine a great hive of activity, energy point connected to energy point. Networks interlinking and interlocking. Invisible connections humming with life and ancient memories meeting future experiences in a common space. This will be a great thing for the whole and for each part of the whole. Your world will blossom as never before, taking its place as a complete part of the whole – as barriers to recollection tumble away and every part of the whole, from the dust to the mountain, from the youngest child to the oldest of elders, moves forward in true unity and wholeness. It will be good.