After the weekend, I’m still going through a bit of self doubt over this whole exercise. And then I wonder whether it matters. But I am worried that if it’s just in my head. It feels odd – and that concern risks getting in the way as I overthink it all!

But I decided today to keep going. I can’t deny the experience – the otherness of it. So I’m putting the self doubt to one side for today at least…
We understand why you worry. We have tried to explain that your connection to the whole will feel strange as you access it in a different way. You have been testing your skills in communicating in other ways – you will grow in that too and come to trust your experience in a much greater way.

We don’t know how we can convince you beyond assuring you that this is a valid experience. Think again of the whole as if it were one physical body. Do you doubt your toe if it itches? Do you question your head when it aches – is this really my head aching or not? You accept and deal with it.

In the same way, this is simply you learning to experience the whole in a new way. You will question it. It is good that you question it. Test it – if you find it beneficial and if you see that it benefits the whole, then it is of value. If you find that it is in any way harmful, to you or the whole, then you can of course act accordingly. That is always your choice to make.

We hope that you will learn to accept the words that we share. We do not mean to upset or confuse but we understand that this may be the outcome, at least initially. We will try to reassure you and develop trust that brings you strength and security in what you are doing.

One thing you must know. Some would take this experience and seek to gain from it. You simply ask if you can trust it. Of the two reactions, recognise that your own is the better of the two. We would always encourage you to test and question. We don’t ask you to become complacent about this conversation or the way that we work with you. But we hope that we can reassure you in a way that we can continue with the dialogue.

You have nothing to fear from us or from any part of the whole. Even if a part of the whole wished to harm you, you have the strength of the whole on your side, building a defence for you and acting to diminish the harm. We believe that as your understanding of the whole grows you will understand this mechanism in greater detail. That too will give you strength and help you to trust your experience.

Think back to your memory of the task you were given. It will only be part of a memory at the moment, but you remember enough to know that you set out with your partners on a clear path. In your linear world you have experienced lifetime after lifetime, each life progressing, learning and remembering more.

You have felt intense frustration at times, great confusion at others. You have felt abandoned and that you have abandoned, leading to unnecessary guilt. You have met others that share your task and you recognise each other, sometimes in a vague way, other times with certainty, even if you cannot put detail to your recognition.

Across your world there is a network of such relationships, all interlinked, all working towards a common goal. That network is growing in energy and recognition. You will experience that in many ways. You and others like you will feel this change in many ways, some tangible and others intangible. Understanding that what you experience in a linear way, is also happening in a cohesive and immediate way across the whole will help you to trust that the frustrations you feel due to your sense of time do not matter.

We want you to try to forget about what you see as limited time. You are working, in truth, in ways that are beyond time. You are bringing strands together that you would see as this part from many lifetimes ago, this part from now and that part from what you perceive as the future.

You are flying through the whole, weaving alongside a network of such weavers, building and energising the whole. In this way you are healing harm that you cannot see, bringing positive energy to areas of negative energy that are far from your own physical environment. And in doing this, you build your own time. You and your people – all of those that you work with and all of those that have yet to open to their full truth – you will see the fruits of your work and it will bring you joy.

We become excited when we share these things. It is because we know the fullness of the whole that we know the wonder your hearts will feel as you open to your truth. The recollections that you have, the echoes that play in your memory, fleeting though they may be – you will understand and see more. And know that as you learn to work as one, work through the one, trusting the fullness of the whole, then what you feel as burdensome on occasion, will cease to be so. Confusion will clear. Understanding will grow. Joy and fullness will flow, as the whole flows – something that you already sense but it is as if you were spying a mountain far in the distance. Imagine then, how much greater the sense of wholeness will be when you stand on that mountain and can see and sense it all.

These are difficult things for us to express in words because they are beyond language in many ways. We hope our words carry weight with you and can in some way help you to feel confident in stepping forward.

We want to share more with you. We are happy to try to deal with any questions you may have. But there is no rush – we want this to be something that brings lightness to you, not something that becomes heavy or difficult.

We would say to you to trust your own experience. You have tested everything, at each step you have taken. Continue to do so. Encourage others to do so.