After a few days break from writing, and talking to my friends about this experience, I’m once again wondering what on earth it’s all about! I know that it is ‘normal’ writing, but I wonder where it is coming from. Is it all inside my head in some way – either some hidden place within my physical head, or a place within my head as a part of the One. Or is it from another part of the whole – another actual being? I don’t know and I know that in some ways it really doesn’t matter. I don’t have to be able to explain how an engine works in order to use it!

Anyway – I feel that I need to keep going with whatever it is and trust that it will at some point make more sense. And so I’m sat here, once again in my garden, and ready to type!…

We understand your thinking and your concerns. It is always difficult as a physical being to go beyond accepting something other, to actually communicate with that other. You quite rightly make the connection that we are a part of the whole just as you are and in that way our being able to communicate is unremarkable. However, it is a step beyond your usual experience – you do not have to meditate or step aside from yourself. Perhaps it would be better if we did work with you in that way – if that would help you. But please have faith in what is happening. Test as you go and you will find the outcome worthwhile. We believe this will be so.

You do not need the validation of others for this to be worthy of your time. Again, however, we understand why you would seek that reassurance. Hopefully you will feel that it is worth continuing.

Now, we want to continue our conversation. Whether you and your people accept these words or not is outside our power. All we can do is share our words with you and then we pass the responsibility on how to respond to those words to those of you who are willing to see and hear. That is all we can ask.

When in a physical state it is inevitable that you have boundaries on your experiences. You have the greatest of gifts in your senses and they are a true blessing worthy of your honour and attention. However, as you open to your full truth and become aware of who and what you truly are, other senses and experiences become important. There is a natural counterbalance between your physical senses and your higher senses. It can, on occasion, feel like a conflict between different aspects of yourself. Some will find that tension difficult to deal with and will wish to withdraw. Some will seek to focus on one aspect to the exclusion of the other. However, just as you cannot cease to hear from will alone, you cannot disconnect yourself in any real way from aspects of yourself, once discovered.

Some will believe that they can separate themselves. Sadly, this often leads to harm. We used the term counterbalance – when people struggle in attempting to separate themselves, you often see that as a form of imbalance. You sense it even if you do not fully understand it. You will be able to see that this understanding can open doors for you in the treatment of people with imbalance in their life. Where you often treat with medicines, you will increasingly understand that a restoration of balance and an acceptance of the person’s full self will bring faster and more permanent healing. I want to add here that this is not to say that you must cast aside your medicines – you must always test and measure, each person for their own satisfaction.

You know in yourselves the sense of wellbeing you find when you feel in balance. That is just a sample of the benefit of understanding your full truth and your role in the whole.

We bring greater understanding to share with you, we do not bring command or direction without care. The issue of health and healing is an important one for your people. It would be easy for us to give an incorrect impression in this area and we have to speak with care in order not to misdirect. However, what we can say is that discovering the fullness of your true nature will help your communities find simpler and more satisfactory ways forward in this matter.

The simplicity of balance being of benefit and imbalance being a source of harm is something that we believe you will understand. Once again, this is not an issue of great spectacle, but of a simple shift in perception. You understand the harmony that counters the disharmony. By learning to apply this in the most simple ways in your lives, you will see benefit. You will also find that you both give and receive positive energy to and from the whole. Wholeness and the sense of wholeness brings with it peace of mind that can transform lives.

We think we can go further and talk of how you can add benefit to the way that you treat illness. So often your people refer to fighting illness – being in a battle with disease. We would ask you how you treat a wayward child. Do you curse the child and seek to cast them out of your communities? Instead, you try to demonstrate your love and care, you seek to nurture and share understanding, you try to show the child how improved behaviour will deliver greater benefit for them. You try to understand them and encourage them to open to growth.

Many of the illnesses that harm your physical selves can be dealt with in the same way. Again, we are not advocating that you cast aside other treatment until you have truly tested other ways. But consider how you can increase nurture and harmony for the person that is sick. How can you help them see that they are not separate from all that is around them but rather a part of all, and that all is a part of them? When you are able to understand this, you will find that the whole can embrace you and the energy of the whole can nurture you.

This is just an outline of something that might help you but we hope that as understanding grows, you will be able to glimpse the beginning of something that will bring your physical aspect and your full truth together in a way that you will value greatly.