We come to you to share, to discuss and to enable understanding. As we have said, it is more than this though: you already know all that there is to know as a part of the one whole. However, in your current form you have limited access to that knowledge – to your memory of it.

You will perhaps have moments when a thought or recollection seems to come from another place or another time. That is your link to the greater whole making itself known. Some people will recognise this in itself as something that offers a path to greater understanding. Others will pause for a moment and then forget it, passing it off as a moment of fancifulness.

Some people will seek out more moments in an effort to build a more complete picture for themselves. In doing so, some will achieve what they seek, but some can go astray. But if a person is seeking with true intent, seeking to add to their full truth rather than to gain advantage, then such people should be treated with respect. It is not an easy thing to set yourself aside from your community if that community sees your actions as questionable or without value

There is a growing awareness among your people that there are other ways of understanding and knowing. Often this begins with a seeking for change, perhaps in themselves or in their surroundings. People will turn to alternative systems sometimes, testing other ways of thinking and behaving. Some people will find that this is enough for them and will fit themselves into that new path and not seek further.

At this time you are seeing something more than this. You will notice a restlessness in people – not just young people but perhaps most recognisable there. People who have not been open to things beyond themselves will seek answers initially in material things but that will wane fast. You will notice greater questioning. This is turn will lead to two contrasting reactions – for some a greater openness will blossom. But for others there will be a clamping down as a sense of resistance builds.

These two energies will compete, almost offering a choice for those who seek better answers. You will already be aware of this counter movement – people who seem to be resistant to all kinds of openness, not just being open to their full truth. This will disturb those of your people who seek to gain understanding as there is a risk of conflict. We can only advise you, but again you will know from your own truth that our advice is sound.

Be patient with those that turn to the path of resistance. They do not act out of any wish to harm but rather from a place of fear. It is fear that encourages people to turn away from new truth or from new ways of doing things. This applies across all areas of thought and behaviour. You will understand this from other circumstances, but you will be unfamiliar with the amount of fear and the size of any resistance.

Your people often turn to conflict to try to determine the one best way – to judge who’s truth is the better. You know the futility of this but still it happens. Your history – personal and community – echoes with the sound of battles fought and lives lost. The harm this inflicts on the whole is beyond imagining and it is with relief that we see many of your people understanding this. And yet it is still happening. Fear leading to resistance, leading to the establishment of groups of people adhering to one or another set of thinking.

We do not criticise this. We cannot, because we understand it and we own it as a part of the whole. It is part of our truth because it is a part of the whole and in that way we have to own it as if it were our own. We have played our part at times and we have had to undertake our own path to greater understanding.

Know this: as people become more open and seek more actively for their own truths, you will see a movement that will warm your heart. But you will also see those that, through fear, appear to become a body of opposition. And that is what you must try to avoid – seeing those people as any kind of opposition. You must instead see them as they are – people who are also seeking but who are fearful that the path ahead is not for them, for whatever reason. Because they cannot see a way forward for themselves, they will react in a resistant way.

By understanding this basic instinct you will provide the energy to counter any harm that may be caused by it. Simply by living your own truth, with a growing understanding of the whole and your place in it, you will play a part in helping those with fear to see beyond that fear. There is no need to battle or to meet combative talk with such talk of your own.

In this, as in all things, you will find that living your full truth, connected to the whole, will of itself be a positive to you, your life and to your wider community. Giving in to the energy of the whole benefits the whole. Detracting from the whole harms it but in a proportionate way. And always, it is the intention behind someone’s action or interaction that matters. If harm is done intentionally, it has a bigger impact and requires a greater move by the whole to bring healing and restore balance. If it is not done intentionally, then the whole can work to limit it.

Think always of the whole and the connectedness of every part of the whole. In everything you do and say, you affect the whole. This is not to say that every part of the whole has be of the same mind. Far from it, as we have said before we recognise our differences and understand that we gain strength from them. What we speak of is the basic essence of who and what you are. There will come a point where you will not only understand the harm and benefit you and others bring to the whole, but where you will feel it – as a part of the one whole you take on that harm or benefit, however big or small.

This may alarm you but it is nothing to be fearful of. You already understand this principle in relation to those people close to you.

We hope this will help you understand more of the nature of the whole. You will need this understanding as we move forward and as you see the changes in the people around you. Be strong and act with love as you move forward in your own assurance. Do not place your understanding above or below that of others. Trust the greater connectedness as it follows your understanding. And you will find your own growth and learning and that of those around you will be a thing of joy.