We want to share with you something more of the way your people interconnect with the whole. In your past there have been those who have retained their connection – they have continued to recognise who and what they are and have been able to live both a human life and be an active part of the whole. You will be aware of some of these people, but not all. Some have done great things by bringing together both parts of themselves in a way that has created benefit and positive energy for all parts of the whole.

Some people have used their access to their greater truth in a way that has caused harm. Some of these people also you are aware of. Such actions create a ripple of damage that resonates through and beyond time. It is good that such people are quite rare. And often they deliver their own downfall so fast that their impact is thankfully restricted. In all of these things you can test people against their actions and the positive or negative impact of those actions.

Sometimes it can be much harder to make those tests. This is because some people have great guile – they are able to hide their true intent. Sometimes, even they are not fully aware of their true intent as their minds take on the damage they trigger in their own lives. That there are people who actively seek to damage that which is, after all, a part of themselves, brings great sadness to the whole and each part of the whole. It feels like a great sickness. We mourn such lives and the loss of potential.

Our advice can only be to test and be aware, and to nurture and encourage. In this way you can limit damage. Importantly, do not hate or seek harm to such people. Spreading damage will not counter the damage of another. Rather it adds to it. You can see this when you gather crowds of people when feelings are high. An outcome can be euphoria, or it can be negative and destructive. When you have opposing views, one crowd will gesture – in response the second crowd tries to counter and often the outcome is a scene of battle. Family members, community members, colleagues – all find themselves caught up in behaviour that damages others, but mostly themselves. It is rare that good comes from such occasions.

It is easy to judge and find others wanting in some way. Sometimes you will judge yourselves and find yourself wanting. This is a human habit that you need to seek to move beyond. How can you judge others when it is impossible for you to fully understand another’s full truth in this life? As for judging yourself – again – you cannot assess your full truth in a dispassionate way. And when you do judge, what is the outcome? Remember that you cannot compel others – you cannot coerce other people – that is not your role. You can only observe yourself and test yourself by your actions – but do this with love and care. This is essential if you are to grow and become your full truth.

We understand that you will wonder why we separate out judging and testing. When we see your people judging, it comes from a place of one person believing they know a better truth, a better way. And from judging and finding someone wanting comes a desire to punish or alter. Can you see that this is not a helpful process?

Testing on the other hand is about honest observing, with a true heart. It is not done to judge, but to learn. It is not about holding yourself better than others, but simply to see and learn. If you test that a table is truly flat, it informs you of the quality of your craft or enables you to remove the stone under one of the table legs. You are not saying that you are better or worse than the table. You are simply learning from it in order to understand. There is no condemnation, no punishment, only growth and understanding.

When you meet someone who demands that you defer to them, take a careful look at what is around you. As you understand the nature of the whole you will increasingly understand that no one part of the whole is better than another. Is your foot better than your arm? Is your knee more important than your elbow? In the world around you, is the mountain greater than the river? Is the grain of sand superior to the wing of an insect?

You may feel that someone has a particular wisdom or learning and you feel that this makes them a wise person, a learned person that you wish to defer to. But know that the student becomes the master. Which then is better or superior? Each part of the whole holds an invaluable place within it – whether that part is a part of your physical world or a part of the energy that makes up the bulk of the whole. Whatever the nature, the shape, the size, the volume – each has import and each is worthy of respect.

This presents a problem for some. Some people like to feel superior. It is important to them to feel more knowledgable, faster, more quick witted, better able to speak or to create. We are not decrying those that enjoy testing themselves against others – that is a different thing. We speak here of those that would put themselves above others in some way. It is a natural part of your world that some will be great speakers, some great builders, some great teachers. That warrants respect. But each part of the whole brings gifts to the whole. The person that sits quietly, nurturing their space and being joyful – that person is not lesser than the person that sways large crowds with great oratory or that discovers new ways of doing things.

And so we encourage you to be a confident people, strong in the knowledge of who and what you are. As you discover your full truth, you will understand the greatness of yourself and of every other part of the whole. Truly, there is a glory to celebrate and to revel in! Do not follow so-called leaders into negativity or harm. Politely turn from those who would judge or place themselves above you. Align yourself with those who live their lives with good and true hearts – take your place as a part of an active and positive whole. Lend your energy and intent to building and learning. And let those who would test you discover the strength of living in your own truth as a part of the whole.