You and your people are learning a great deal at the moment. You are seeing the beginnings of uprisings even in the most most moderate of people. People are questioning – wanting to understand where once they would have just complained but carried on.

These are the signs of a people ready to learn more of their own truth and the truth of the whole. At the moment many of these people are looking for leaders to listen and act on their behalf. However, your society’s systems cannot easily deal with such questioning. Instead it is built around the fact that most people will not engage. The foolishness of such a system becomes clear when the people it is supposed to serve realise that is does not serve them at all.

In some places there are people who understand this and are acting on it. As your time passes it will be clear who these people are. And if they manage to maintain their truth when in positions of power. Sadly, in most of your countries, the people who are seeing this discontent are seeking to use it to their own advantage. This also will become obvious.

It is not our role to provide you with information so that you may then act upon that information word for word. Rather, we seek to help you understand more of who and what you are so that you may then discover that information for yourselves. We can guide and comment, but we cannot interfere in any concrete way. We will try our best to do this in the most helpful way we can. Think of us as teachers and guides – not supervisors or instructors. In this way what we share with you will enable the greatest learning. It will enable you to find your own way, follow your own truth, rather than following some other command or instruction.

In this way we can discuss the matter of leadership with you. We cannot tell you which leader to follow or, indeed, whether to follow a leader at all. We can converse with you on the way that leadership fits in with the truth of the one. While there is rarely a single correct path, there are paths that benefit the whole and there are paths that damage the whole. It is learning to see the difference that becomes important. And the best way to learn that is to understand your own truth, and the truth of the whole and then you can learn to see clearly and to connect most constructively.

You know within yourselves that when you are in tune with your own bodies you feel well – your sense of wellbeing is enhanced. It is often in that state that you feel also more in tune with what you call your instincts. You tend to assess external issues on whether they will be good for your wellbeing or not so good.

It is the same when you think of the whole of which you are a part. When you understand that whole, and your connection to it, you then become much more in tune with all that is. It is then that you can begin to assess what is likely to benefit the whole or to damage it. Then remember that every part of the whole does the same – from the tiniest speck of your world to the brightest light in the skies. If you seek the best for the whole, you will begin to understand that issues around one country’s politics will also play their part in this whole. It becomes at once much greater than you may think it is, but also in many ways much easier. By being able to focus and understand that greater truth, knowing how to act on a day to day basis becomes much clearer and makes a great deal more sense.

It is this sense of the greater truth that leads your people to seek leaders. You understand that finding a way forward will be easier and have the greater impact if it works for a common purpose. Where this falls down is that you look for a leader that tells you what to do – to give you a recipe, if you will, for the best future. In this way you hand over the responsibility to one person or a small group of people and often feel that they fail you.

In truth, you have failed them. If you can gain a more complete understanding of who and what you are, you will not feel the need to hand over that responsibility. You will, as a society, know the better way to do things – your leader then becomes the person that you task to coordinate that. A leader should serve the people, not dictate to them. A leader should be able to advise and share understanding, to bring people together when there is discord, to see the best way through a problem when there is confusion. But the decisions that you hand to your current leaders – so many of those should be naturally made because you are all part of the one whole and therefore you would not do anything that would harm your greater selves.

This will make more sense as more people become open to their own truths. There will be times of conflict and misunderstanding as some of you start to move in this direction and others are not yet ready. But you know that your people’s history teaches you that by demonstrating the value of something you can help others understand. We must warn you, however, that you cannot hurry this process. You cannot force or inflict change on others. Just as your eyes gradually see and your own heart opens to understanding, others must also come to this in their own time. Now always remember that the full truth is around you, within you and part of you at all times; something that is true for all. The fact that someone cannot yet see the connection does not separate them from it. This will help you maintain full respect for those who cannot yet see. They are as you – a part of the whole – and due the full care and respect that requires. We realise that that can be frustrating but it is a core and vital truth, the ignorance of which leads only to harm.

We seek to reassure you that the energy of the truth will win over anything and any being that, willingly or unwillingly, would harm rather than build. The challenge for you is to accept that, even when you may feel dispirited or overwhelmed. Remember the whole truth and that beyond your current existence and the constraints of time and physicality the whole truth is now and has always been. You and your people are a part of shaping and delivering your world into a whole that already cradles it as a part of the cycle of the engine that is everything. And in this our language fails us, but know that we speak from a place of great joy and peace!