We know that some of your people will be unsure where to start in linking with their own truth and the whole of which we are all a part. It is at once the simplest and the hardest thing you can do. We will try to explain.

Begin by knowing that what you seek is already in your hand. You have already walked through what is an open door in other lifetimes. Some of you have done this in your current form. And so again we stress that we are not intending to teach you new tricks, simply to uncover that which you really already know.

We understand that that in itself may sound as if we are being obscure. If you cannot recall or recognise that which we speak of, then you will wonder what we mean. I – we – apologise for this sense of murkiness. It is the natural outcome of us speaking across what you perceive as a divide. We have the challenge of trying to remove that divide, even though it is something we ourselves do not experience.

If you have ever looked beyond the physical and what you have been taught to think of as logical, then you may already have a sense of what we mean. Some of you will have had an experience where you felt that you felt something ‘other’ – something beyond what you would consider normal. You may have considered this an experience of a religious nature, or an experience when you felt briefly connected with your surroundings in an unusual way.

You may have felt particularly uplifted by something in your environment – a piece of music perhaps, or a beautiful scene – and felt a sense of something somehow echoing within you. Some of you will practice a deliberate setting aside of your day-to-day selves through meditation or a similar activity.

At those times you are but a half step away from your full truth. If you embrace those moments and actively enter further into them, you will gain understanding. Those moments combine and conjoin in a way that can take you beyond to the fullness of your true self.

We understand that this may not seem easy for you. The pull of your physical world and others around you is immense. You are also taught to avoid such moments – you can appreciate beauty but you are discouraged from seeing it as anything more. Your society expresses displeasure at those who freely share such experiences because they are not seen to be of use or value. In this way people are often discredited or shunned. And many step aside from their search in order to regain the approval of those around them. And that is a truth that has dogged your people for many generations.

The beauty of your planet, the wonder of every plant around you, the oceans that stretch away to the horizons – these are just some of the ways in which your world offers you the path to your truth. It does not matter whether you are rich or poor, educated or illiterate – each person has their path ahead of them. Even amidst the horrors of oppression or confinement, you have access to at least a grain of dust – and in that it is possible to see the beauty and wonder of the whole. A whole landscape or the grain of a piece of wood – the sound of birdsong or the dripping of rain – whatever sense you use you have the world with you. That is your personal doorway, beckoning you on.

We feel that many of your people have lost focus as they have been taught to seek the things that gain them standing in your society. Some who have in their youth been eager to find a deeper truth are swayed – encouraged instead to settle for other, tangible assets. Increasingly, there are those that realise that those assets do not hold any real value beyond being an immediate aid in some way. We know that some of you have become disillusioned and tired of the ways that have brought you to a place of discontent. Instead of peace you face fears for your future. Instead of calmness, you feel stresses and anxieties for which you cannot find answers.

We have already said that we have not spoken to you to offer magic tricks. We cannot wave a hand and deliver your truth to you. Look within yourselves, lean back into the beauty that is all around you and you will find truth greater than you can imagine – the truth of the whole that is the one. Our role is to share our words with you and to commune with you. If you are open to hear and see, if you are able to open the smallest of windows into the whole truth, you will learn who and what you really are.

How can you be sure that what you have found is your full truth? This is simple. If you find that you are filled with joy at the sense of connection with every other part of the whole then you know you have found the truth. If you are moved by the fact that you are at one with the smallest grain of sand, then you have found the truth.

If, instead, you feel moved to judge others, to pronounce right or wrong on those around you; if you desire to be lauded for your insight and believe that you are more worthy of blessings than others – then you have not found the truth of the whole or your own truth, but you have stumbled across a reflection of those things that hinder and bind and distract.

Do not fear if you seek and at first struggle. There are no rules – no wrong ways to discovering what lays ahead for you. Be patient. Choose a better way for yourself and try again. I will refer again to the fact that you are nudging your own recall, accessing your own memory. Just as you would not expect to set off on a race and immediately win glory as a great athlete, do not set unrealistic expectations for yourself. We can promise you that it will come – just as it comes to all and every part of the whole.

And know that you are not alone. Reconnecting with the whole is something that every part of the whole has done and will do – and is doing. We are simply expressing our understanding that things have shifted in such a way that you can take this step while in your current form. It has been done before in your sense of time. Now it will become the usual rather than the unusual.

This may not be clear to you now. It will become clearer. As you and others learn this truth, you will notice a change in things around you. You will see a lessening of conflict and a growth in willingness to listen and share. We will talk more of this.