These are the days of change. Of growth. Of stepping to one side, leaving your old ways and turning to the new. But most importantly these are the days when you and your people remember and reconnect with your whole truth.

This risks sounding too much – too big for you to take on. But we remind you to think of the context. If the whole of time is but a blink of an eye in real terms, and you are a fraction of that – indeed your world is a fraction of that – then the shift that we talk of is similarly a fraction. This is not to say that it is not important. As a part of the one whole, each part of you and your people is a part of us. You are a part of each other. And as such whatever happens to the smallest part affects every other part. In this way, the least important is at once the most important.

Our communion – this conversation – is a part of our work – our task. Helping you to recall and link with your task is part of our task. In terms of the whole of what we are, it is simply the one looking after its parts. We seek greater harmony as well as greater understanding – within your world and within the whole. Even though we do not have bodies like yourselves, we are still linked with our task and our destiny. We think you will understand this.

Some would have us walk away from this path. Indeed it would be easy to let your own time work to its inevitable end. However, the beauty of who and what we are is that the link between us is too important for us to abandon our task. Why would any part of the whole truth be satisfied with the withering away of any small part of itself?

And so we come to you, to share with you and to gently urge you to hear our words. While you have learned that death and decay is part of a necessary cycle that leads to rebirth and renewed energy, unnecessary death remains a sorrow to the vastness of the whole. This is why we care and this is why we step out to actively speak with you.

Make no mistake – there is no intent to offer ourselves as any kind of superior beings. We are simply different. There are those of you who, in your sense of time and being, have greater wisdom or greater experience. There is no requirement for any one being to put themselves above others, to claim great knowledge or understanding. We hope that you can now understand that your being a part of the whole means that we are simply helping you to recall that which you already know. Be wary of any being that claims access to secret knowledge – if it is truly secret then it is not part of the whole truth, but is attempting to be something other.

There is a great seeking for wisdom among some of your people. This is counter-balanced by great subterfuge by others of your people. We have spoken before that you must test things. You must also test people – those who would offer knowledge or wisdom. Do not judge them, but test the things they say and do. You are not testing for the words themselves, but the intention behind those words. Likewise, the intention behind any actions. When something is said or done with good intention it affects the whole in a way that is constructive and that adds to the energy. When such things come from a place of bad intention, the result is destructive and detracts from the energy of the whole.

It is not always possible to assess intentions. Sometimes, you have to carefully and slowly assess the resulting impact. Because of this difficulty it is easy for large numbers of people to be swayed into adhering to one person’s words or actions. The truth of such situations will always become obvious. However, surely it would be better for each person to come to an understanding of their own truth. In this way, you do not become reliant on one person leading the way. Instead, it becomes a wave of understanding that affects each part of the whole in a natural way. In the same way that a new child automatically breathes the air without being told to do so, you can recall your truth and breath with the whole.

So do not look for those offering great solutions. Instead, look within yourself – for you have access to everything you can need and wish for. This path is made easy for you and your people. As humans you have access to astonishing gifts – sight and hearing, the ability to touch and feel and to smell. Believe us when we tell you that those gifts are among the most valuable in the universe.

We look on in wonder that some of your people talk of being human as a lesser experience. This could not be further from the truth. Some talk of ascending into something other as being a reward for life lived well. Others wish their time away so that they can escape their time. We appreciate that many people – far too many people – face difficulty and hardship. This is often not their doing but rather circumstances beyond their control. I cannot put enough emphasis on the following two facts.

Firstly, so many difficulties are the result of societies that value the valueless and despise that which has great value. And this is served and underpinned by the disconnection between so many people and their truth.

Secondly, through rediscovering their truth and becoming aware of the greatness of the human experience and the beauty that surrounds you all, then no one need experience difficulties. Wealth – true wealth, not of the financial kind – is unending and available to every part of the whole – it is in fact a natural part of who you truly are.

I know that some will struggle with this message. But think for a moment of what you truly value. Is it the sunrise, the night sky, the vastness of the oceans, the patterns of each individual snowflake, the joy in the eye of a happy child? Or is it in gathering money to pay a bill for a thing – something you think you possess but in fact do not? We will talk of this again because we know it is a difficult message. And do not think we are advocating relinquishing your responsibilities to others or to your families and communities. In fact it is the opposite of what we mean.

We have leapt forward and need to pull back a little. I – we – want to guide you to help you to gain your own understanding. This is not an attempt to impose upon you a way of doing things or a way of thinking. Again – I repeat that it is about nudging you towards knowing what you already know. It is something we believe that you will come to understand.