Rather than worry about a preamble – lets just go straight on to today’s words…

Being open – truly open – is something that needs to be worked upon. You – your people – become less open with age. Some avoid this but the way your society works, with definitions of behaviour and accepted ways of thinking, you are actively discouraged to think openly or to express that aspect of yourselves.

Your society rewards some people for their open way of thinking and expressing themselves. But largely those that are rewarded and encouraged are those that are seen to be of worth – and when we say worth in this context we mean in a financial way. You have great artists and writers, poets and sculptors and these people are lauded and held up as having special talents. But you do nothing to nurture those talents and the openness required to express those talents. Quite the opposite happens – you tell children that the things they have in their imagination are fine but that they must grow up and learn of the real world. You steer young people away from learning how to develop and practice their talents, telling them instead that they must focus on the things that matter – meaning becoming fit to be employed.

Your world in so many ways reflects the fullness and glory of the whole. In a small way you have everything at your fingertips, from sunrise to sunrise you are surrounded by the astonishing. Your senses are a gift beyond words – something that only beings like yourselves can access in such an immediate way – and yet you rarely really use them. Openness to this wonder is a large part of being open and connected to who and what you really are. To actively close down the imagination of your children, to discourage your youth in seeing and expressing the beauty and wonder of all that they have around them – in this you are doing yourselves and your world a major disservice.

So many people are keen to deny beauty and to close their eyes to depictions of beauty by others. Of course different people will be drawn to different things and that is at it should be. However, why do you celebrate the engineer but not the dancer? Why do you congratulate the builder of a wall but not the builder of dreams?

We understand you and your world in as much as you are a part of us and we are a part of you. In that way we have some common experiences and we have learned some of the same lessons. Because of this we know that there is something in the human make-up that trips you up often. But know that this is largely fear and the things that lead to fear.

We take you back again to the child. Born with no sense of fear a child will step bravely into any situation. They are not yet marked by the things that their parents and the community will place upon them. Children learn very fast – they absorb everything around them. In this way they learn such things as insecurity, distrust, fear of difference and so on. They rapidly learn their parents’ views on their place in the world. And so a child can grow up believing themselves to be downtrodden when, in fact, they have never actually faced any circumstances that would justify that attitude.

Children see the wonder of the universe with clear eyes and clear vision and understanding. In the creatures around them they see playmates. In their surroundings they see the ingredients to build palaces. In the night sky they see a canvas for building dreams. This applies to the child born into squalor and the child born into great wealth equally. And often the truth is that the child born into squalor will dream bigger dreams and build greater palaces.

Into this then comes the adult. Yes there will be some indulgence. Play is tolerated by most, encouraged by most but as the child grows so they are led to put aside such things. It is important, say the adults, that a growing child understands real life. Boys are taught, often in very subtle ways, that they are superior to girls. Girls are taught, again often in subtle ways, that their future lies in being subservient or lesser in some way. Girls are taught to serve and nurture. Boys are taught to build and swagger.

Every lesson has its place and we understand that it is important that each generation is taught how to survive, how to live a good life. But we see so many lessons that harm, that damage, that encourage children to close their eyes and their hearts. We hope that you can understand what we are saying. Are you teaching your children to be become worker bees, closed to beauty, disconnected from who they truly are? Or are you teaching your children to connect with who they are, how to direct their openness of eye and heart, how to embrace the gift of life and their true heritage?

Your society must begin to ask itself some of these questions. What do you really want for your future? What do you really want for your children? Why do you undermine the very things that would better fit your children to become the best people that they can be?

You have created a system over many years where you have enslaved yourselves. And with every birth, you actively work to enslave a new life. This really must change – it will change – as you yourselves open to your full truth and reconnect with the whole. It will be hard and sadly we believe it will cause some conflict. There are those whose livelihoods depend on the structures you have created – those people will seek to undermine and mock any move to a more open and truthful existence.

We will talk more of that. But gaining a better understanding of why there is a need to change and what that change can be is crucial. Again I stress that there can be no coercion – just as there is no coercion from us. Every spark of life is based on the freedom of the whole. From the smallest grain of sand to the largest mountain in the land, each of those existences is a choice. We hope you can appreciate the beauty and grace behind that. We ask that you at least begin by seeking to increase your own openness and then, alongside that, seek to end the closing down of your children.