I have worried that I’ve been pushing things – that with this idea now in my head, I’m letting my own thoughts get in the way. It makes it feel less authentic – but I also know that I overthink things!

It’s the weekend and I’m feeling that urge to sit and write, so here I am…

The feel of the wind on your face, the land under your feet and perhaps the best of all – the sun on your skin. The sense of being with another, separate being but still feeling connected. We recognise that and understand the pull it has on you and your people. But we also know that that is not enough for you, that there have been many times when you would give up those things. You talk of going home. The life you are living should not be about wanting to be somewhere else – even if that somewhere is so much more than simply somewhere other in the human sense.

Talking to you is hard for us. Please bear with us as we try to establish a correct sense of context and time. Equally, we know that you are weighed down by the constraints of a human life. But we know that at least we have large areas of mutual understanding. You know that we are outside time and therefore talk of past and future makes us have to test every word – but the fact that you understand that about us means that we can communicate – we have a chance to share in a way that can be understood.

We know that you struggle with your sense of separateness as humans. That is a part of your experience, an important part. It is no more important than other experiences however. Stepping back into the one whole when it is your time, this time, will bring you joy and sorrow. Having struggled with that sense of separation you will fleetingly long for it as you step over the threshold once more. But you will once again be a full part of the whole and your understanding will flood through your being.

As more people come to understand their true nature, so human lives will shift. What we see as a whole you will experience as a stepped process. This will be frustrating for you but that can be balanced by your understanding that your sense of delay is illusory. It is in truth fleeting.

Our communion is intended to help you. We cannot fully explain – I cannot fully explain – but in coming together we can pave the way.

There have been occasions where other such communions have happened. Some have been accepted, others not. We understand that those who hear the words have to be free to test for themselves. There can be no constraint – no part of the whole can force anything on any other part. In your linear terms, in order to truly move forward, there needs to be true communion – communication and understanding and then a coming together of intent and desire.

You know this thing of which I speak. Your sense of memory beyond your lifetime will reinforce this for you. We are well beyond a ‘first time’ experience for all of us – regardless of how tied we are or are not to the constraints of time! You can trust your sense of memory and, indeed, your sense of other.

As the whole lives and pulses, as energy thrives and pushes forward, so what you think of as the old ways change. I am not speaking of the truths that we have experienced, lived and understood. Rather, I speak of that which we would have referred to as the barrier between your world, your current limitations, and the broader whole. There have been times in your sense of the term when that barrier was nigh on impenetrable. No longer.

Whole generations of people are now being born for whom that barrier is something intangible, translucent rather than opaque. Just as you are able to step into other ways of being and to see that which others around you may not see – that will become a natural experience. The goal is to bring all parts of the whole into a conscious understanding of their true nature. And again, we do understand that, in full reality, that is something that we already inhabit.

We were speaking previously of the time when, as previous beings, we worked together to bring peace and understanding to our peoples. We understood then that we were working on the past and the future – repairing and creating – working on a beginning and an ending. This then hints at our task and should help you understand your own. Free of a physical form we can be wherever and whenever we wish. We can focus on our own sense of self or we can swim as a part of the whole, lending our energy, relinquishing any part of we or I. And we can switch form one to the other so that there is no edge or end to either.

You recognise that way of being well and a part of you yearns for that state of being. Bear with your constraints – remember it is but for a blink of an eye in reality – and keep to your task. Understanding does not, I know, mean acceptance. Indeed, acceptance is in many ways your final hurdle.

This I will tell you – we will share with you in this way so that you have it in a more concrete form. Think of yourself in a place where there is need for a change, a repair of a kind. Understand that you have the tools to affect that change. You do not need to display tricks or magic. You do not require gifts that you do not have or knowledge requiring discovery. You merely need to accept who and what you are – and even that is perhaps not fully necessary. The important thing – that which matters is being you and playing your part. That which comes naturally to you and that which pulls at your sense of peace – live that through and you will be completing this part of your task in a way that will be beyond measure.

So how shall we progress with this? We need have no concerns on this front. Believe in what you know to be truth and steer away from that which you know to be unclear and unhelpful. Time does not play a factor in this – and we appreciate that you will find that difficult to deal with. It will be done when it is done. We can share our thoughts and our words with you. This we will do – I will do – and we will endeavour to do this in a way that helps you rather than hinders you. Trust your hearts to know the truth.


We need to look at some particular issues. We will start with homes. Where you live – where most of your people live – this really needs to change. Your environment is fragile and you understand this but your homes do not reflect that understanding. We hope to share some things with you that will help but you need to be willing.

You turn your noses up at what you perceive to be older ways but you forget that learning, understanding and perception are not exclusive to those of you alive at this moment. If that were true would not your race be so much more advanced than it is? True, you have devised fast changing technology – and yet you still invite and engage in conflict and misunderstanding. Be smug in your advancement if you will but know that it is misplaced.

As a people you have long misunderstood the way to use fire and the fuels you use to produce it. You live in a world – in a universe – that is made wholly of energy – and yet you insist on using fuel that cannot be sustained. Sadly, when you do innovate, all too often those that deliver better options are removed by those who would rather profit financially from poor science.

You can create batteries from natural energy that will provide power to you for great lengths of time, and yet you burn valuable resources instead. You discover ways to build homes that do not damage your environment and that do not cost money to run. However, those homes are beyond the means of most people. So they are not an option for those of your community in the most need.

(NOTE: This last section – after the double paragraph break – felt like a very different voice. So much so, that it broke my focus and I had to stop. I realise that I should have just gone with it, but this is part of me learning!)