I don’t seem to be able to settle today until I’ve at least at in front of the keyboard – what that means I’m not sure. But I’m ready to type and we’ll see what comes today…

Your fingers are doing the work that we ask and we thank you. We understand your concerns and hope that they will reduce with time.

You want answers to questions – facts and statistics that you can then check. Again – this we understand. Such an opportunity may arise, but I – we – are not here to perform. I have tried to explain this before – there is no need to perform. Think of this instead as a meeting of minds – a sharing of thoughts and what you would call memories or common experiences. If you think of what we are doing – why would one part of a whole question another part of the same whole?

However, in the circumstances – given your experience of this as something happening across a space, a sense of separation – we understand that this may feel more than a simple sharing of minds for you.

I want to talk to you of a memory that I hope you will ‘recall’. The setting was a hillside in what you would refer to as ancient times. At that time and place we met for the purpose of discussing a way to find peace for two groups that were at war. We knew that peace would come but those concerned were not convinced and this was causing further discord.

We sat, us two, on that hillside, set apart and we communed then. We shared our commonality and our differences and we relished that sense of oneness – for both of us it had been some time since we had been able to talk to someone with full understanding of their truth.

If you think on this occasion, it will come to you. That, I hope, will provide you with something further to grasp in your moment of doubt.

(NOTE: Afterwards I did remember this meeting on the hillside. Back when I was first learning how to physically channel someone, I ‘stepped into’ a person dressed in strange clothes – he was male, quite short and stocky but muscular. The clothes I think included some kind of leather wrapping around by lower legs, a short skirt-like garment, and a piece of cloth wrapped across my torso. The place was very warm and everything was very green. I met a man who was dressed in clothes that I associated with ancient south America. I remember the physical aspects of the meeting, but not the conversation. As this was part of me learning, the friend helping me and I hadn’t thought of recording what was said.)