I’m tired today – I couldn’t sleep last night and wonder if part of that was down to trying to do this too late last night. So tonight I’m following the desire to write, but trying it a little earlier in the evening. Part of me thinks that I’m too tired really but we’ll see….

We come to you when you ask – there is no trick to that – no ‘special’ thing to do. Just be your own self and remember that for us there is no time – and therefore no ‘wrong time’.

This would be easier for you if there were flashing lights, or eerie voices perhaps? But you know that in reality that would concern you far more than something which simply involves you sitting and using your keyboard to put words on your screen. This is amusing – people think they want spectacle, something to make others look on in wonder. When in fact, the true wonder, the magic they yearn for, is happening in them and around them constantly. We understand why many people are not aware of that fact but it remains something that causes us to struggle sometimes. Perhaps not struggle as such but I think you understand my meaning.

Do you remember the time when you linked with the tree outside your window?  That moment of communion was but a fraction of a hint of the communion that we exist in – that you, in truth, exist in. Stepping into that state gives humans a chance to remember – to re-energise – to step aside for a moment and be a conscious part of who they are.

You use meditation as a tool to link with your guides and your inner selves. It is a useful gateway. We find that it can leave some people still too much in their human self for a true link to be experienced. You have always been aware of a different sense, although you have been unsure of its nature and its purpose. There have been times when you have cursed it and times when you have feared it. We hope that now you begin to understand the value of it.

We spoke many years ago in your time – you won’t remember us but you will remember I think the occasion. You didn’t understand much of that experience but you know that it set you searching. Most people will have that kind of experience. Sadly, many will search for a while but then allow themselves to close down again – getting caught up in the activities that keep your people busy and distracted from so much that is important. Some of you will listen and you will learn and that is what we work with.

There is some confusion I think over who we are. I cannot answer that easily because the reality of that depends so much on the language that people need and the context in which people can place us. We are echoes from your past, present and future – we cannot deny the issue of time in this. My use of we and I is another thing that can confuse – and we will try to establish some consistency for you in that.

When we say ‘we’ it is so much more than we as in a group of beings, although that is true on some levels. Of course you know that ‘we’ also includes you if we are being strictly accurate, but that can confuse. You will see that I am trying to set some parameters for us – for you. We want clarity as much as is possible.

When I say ‘I’ is is because there is a particular part of the whole that has history with a particular part of you. Something that will echo within you as a recognition of a kind. A warmth that means something powerful to us all. For as much as we are all a part of the whole, our experiences and our travels remain as sparks that inhabit our inner selves. This is why you sometimes feel that sense of recognition when you meet someone that you feel you know, or visit a place with which you feel a familiarity. That is special to you within your human life but it remains special for us once free of form.

The re-merging of a life spark, of a being or entity, back into the whole does not diminish the value of the individual – indeed in many ways it enhances both the whole and the individual. This is what I meant earlier when I said that the whole benefits so much from the differences of the parts. We’ll gain strength and beauty and value and, of course, knowledge.

It is important to understand that when we talk about the whole – the universe in the language that you often use although that does not match what your scientists refer to as the universe – that is important… When we talk about the whole, it is not a finite ‘thing’. This is an example of where your language limits us. Imagine a living, breathing, conscious mass of energy – one whole but with no limits to that energy and no limits to the knowledge it can contain.

I recall when I began to understand these truths. I remember the excitement and the incredulity – I struggled to understand the fullness of it all. And this now is part of my task – to work with you on your own task. We reach a moment where we work as one, sharing our understanding and our intent. This is where we will begin and where our understanding will come together. We hope that this makes sense – or that it will come to make sense.