I must admit I have my doubts about this process. Is this simply coming from a part of my own brain that I can’t articulate in other ways? Or is it coming from beyond just me? But then, if we are truly all a part of a greater whole, then everything within me and outside me is part of that whole – so in that way of course it comes from ‘me’. And so – let’s see if there is anything to write today…

Your worries are natural. So much so that some part ways with us, unhappy and unsure. That is of course your choice. We do not expect you to participate – we hope you do but that is ultimately the choice of us all. This is meant to be an easy communication – something that flows from us to you, with you being able to question and stop as and when you wish. There is, we hope, no sense of burden or task here.

Why are we communing with you? That is a bigger question and not one that can be answered easily. For the first part it is because you have asked. That is important.For the second part it is because in your world the time is coming to the point where more openness and understanding is needed. And then there is another reason – you are ready for it. Not you personally but people generally. The openness and readiness is greater than it has been. Those that would receive will see and understand. And we can once again work as a whole rather than being separated by our experience and nature.

This excites us and we hope it excites you. This re-merging with those that make us whole and that make you whole will be a homecoming – all be it in a new way.

You will have questions and we will try to answer. But within that process remember that you already know the answers – you simply do not necessarily have access to them. And so together we will work to share that which we are here to share.

If this process becomes a struggle we can share that struggle. It will not always be easy but be assured that it is not our intention to cause concern or difficulties. We are – that is our nature. Using language that makes sense will not always be easy for us. We could share in more complex ways but then we risk needing an intermediary and that in turn risks losing the essential simplicity of what we have to share. Please bear with us.

One of the difficulties we have is in dealing with your concept of time. You will need to forgive us as we try to express ourselves in a linear way as we know we need to. Again, we know you understand this but others may struggle. For you time is a big part of your experience. For us it is as nothing – just an inconvenience in working with you.

History is something that makes us smile because for us it is wrapped up in the totality of everything. At once we have been, are and will be. You are our past and our future and we yours. And that brings warmth to us – you are very dear to us. I – we – hope that as we share further with you that the closeness we already have will be more obvious to you and something that beings you comfort and joy.

There are some keys things that we will discuss. Amidst those we will welcome more of a discourse. That is something that will grow as your trust in us grows. At all times trust your instincts. If you feel that something is not right, then it should be tested. And, of course, should you wish to end our conversation then that remains your choice.