I don’t feel that I was fully able to set myself aside earlier this morning. I’m now restless and just keep being drawn back to the keyboard.

You ask me how you can know when you are in tune and when not. I cannot answer that because it is not clearly defined. Just stop trying to think things through and just let the words flow. You will soon become familiar with the way this works. Just open your self to the energy that flows through you and that in turn opens the way for our true oneness to take shape. It is a part of your mind and it is a part of our mind and together we can put the words on the page. A partnership if you will.

We are a part of your truth and in that way you know. This is true across all aspects of your life and for all people. Each person connects with a different part of the whole – our role is to act as a guide. To share with you some words that will, we hope, make sense to you and to those that you know need to hear them.

Plan to be a part of this. You have waited, and those you know are a part of this have also waited. You have been unsure what you are waiting for. But the strength of your connection has been steadfast and your patience is rewarded. Now learn to relax and to let the words flow. Listen and feel and you will find that the words come more easily. You role is simply to write them down. Others will read and assess and take what they need, or leave it alone. That will be their choice.

As you write some of the things we share will make immediate sense to you because they are things you already know – they are already near the surface of your memory and your link with who you are. Other things will take a little longer to be make sense to you – but they will. As you open the box so you will recognise its contents.

There are no supreme secrets in what we will tell you. As you are already aware, there can be no secrets because we are all part of the same whole. What use would secrets be? There are those who talk of secrets; who imply that there are things of magic yet to be revealed. We appreciate that this is partly down to the language that people use – they way they understand what they are learning. But be aware – if someone offers you access to high secrets they risk leading you astray.

What we are trying to say is that even if you learn things that you do not immediately recognise it is not because they are secrets but simply that they are parts of your truth that you have not been aware of until that point. It is understandable that you have concerns about hidden things. But that is because of the way in the past that things have been learned. There has been a sense of revelation perhaps – and that sense has been seen as an important part of learning high truths.

However, this is not necessary. And it has been used by some as a way of excluding people from knowledge that is a part of and belongs to all. We have been unhappy with the way this has been done. We see people intimating that some sacred truth can only be learned in one way or by following one path – each with a gatekeeper promising all kinds of things. This is untrue.

Let us clarify – it is true that understanding comes to each person and each being in different ways. For those who are living the human experience, time becomes a part of that process. A linear journey has to take place. Within that context it is important that people learn within the context of that journey. In this way it could be said that there is known knowledge and secret knowledge. What they already know is ‘known’ and that which they do not yet know is ‘secret’. However, there are no set requirements – no tests – that people have to pass in order to progress. It is simply down to people being able to grasp the first part so that the second part makes sense, and so on.

Do not let others stand in your way by warning of uncertain outcomes or hidden secrets that you are not yet ready to grasp. Each person knows that which they wish to know – again we must remind you that every being already has access to everything. So in many ways, what we talk of is beyond sense! But what we with you to fully understand is that knowledge and understanding is already in place – your life journey is about a process of realisation and acceptance. As you turn a corner, so the next part of the journey is revealed. It does not require a test or a specific set of words. All that is required is open eyes, an open heart and a willingness to truly see.

This truth applies to all. Humans have a tendency to believe that only great thinkers have access to the higher truth. If that were true how could those with lesser intellect play their part as a part of the whole? This kind of thinking is an anathema to us and reflects poorly on those that believe it. However, it is understandable. In your society you set great store by tests and achievement against set standards. As you travel your journey you will learn that this is a very skewed way of seeing. Most of your world’s religions understand that all have access to the truth, but then you impose human tests and the truth gets lost.

If it were not harmful, this kind of thinking would be amusing. We see the actions that come out of it and we are amused. But sadly your society also goes beyond that which is amusing. You tend to judge harshly – more harshly than you realise. And out of that kind of judgement comes beliefs that lead to one person setting themselves higher than their peers. And that is the source of much of the harm that impacts on the lives of so many.

You can, we hope, sense that this is important to us. And to you. In searching for truths and answers, your people make judgements that trip them up and stop them finding that which they seek. This is sad and unnecessary. But we too have to avoid judgement. Ultimately, all be well. The whole will not allow the part to damage beyond set limits. The whole cannot be damaged – truth is such that its very nature cannot be harmed. However, we see people struggling with the impact of judgement, of poor decisions, or incorrect teaching and we long to intervene. We could act but that is not our role – and ultimately it is not needed. We know that the ultimate outcome will be good and true.

You need to know this too. Do not let the things that damage distract you – know that all will be well. Remember your task, focus on being who you are and learn, or relearn, as you need to. In this way, we can do it together. You can share with others the things that we share with you. This will help to revive memories, to help achieve full connection – humans understanding the whole truth and participating in the universal changes.

Please bear with us as we try to explain. Our language is not perfect and we will struggle to put things in terms that you will understand. We have not all trodden the path that you follow – our experiences are much broader and more varied than you are perhaps ready to understand. Although, of course, you will in some ways fully understand. We will try to weave our way through these varying levels of understanding – it will not always be clear but with your help we can shape the words in a way that will help rather than hinder.

Thank you.