I spoke to a friend yesterday and read out yesterday’s writing and she encouraged me to keep going. It seems I might be doing something right – so I’ll keep going while it seems to work.

I tried to explain that I just sit and get going by writing stuff like this and then let the words come. I’m hoping that this can be built on. I tried to have a go last night but it just didn’t work. We’ll see if being out in the garden again helps – something to do with being connected to nature perhaps. I know that noise and distraction gets in the way. Even the table I’m sat at seems to matter. I need peace and calm…

I really don’t want to influence what ends up on the page – the minute I feel that my head is leading this then it ends. I have to pull back and just see the letters and let my hands type…

We know this is not easy – it is a challenge for your way of thinking. And yet you are also fully aware of what is happening. I hesitate to label this because the language influences the reader – or rather the preconceived ideas that the reader brings with them.

Leaving ideas behind is required – leaving the things you have learned, the things you have been taught. It is not that those things are wrong – nothing is wrong as such – but we will be exploring things that require your full openness – your full ability to truly hear. And then you must test what you learn against what you truly know – not against that which you think you know.

Putting things in your language is a challenge and we apologise if that, in turn, presents you with a challenge in understanding what we say. However, we are all part of the greater one – our minds and hearts are one and in that sense we trust that we can all come together in a spirit of openness. For we need that openness too. This is not a one way process. We have found a way to talk to you – that we hope will be a dialogue as we get to know each other.

Do not struggle with this. Let it come and sometimes it will not flow and you will know that the link between us has wavered. That is not a problem – it is not a failure of any kind – we know that that is a concern of yours. I said earlier that ‘wrong’ is not something to be concerned about and I expect that is a concept that will be hard to grasp in a world where you feel so much is wrong.

You know that the only test that can be applied to anything is that of a good and true heart. It is the intent that matters – even when the result of an action appears ‘wrong’. Part of the human experience is to understand what it means to be flawed – for being flawed is part of the human condition. The flaw is not about being weak or unable. It is about that step of separation that is required for you to live a human life.

We have touched on this earlier. The issue of separation and the fact you are not, in fact, separated. And now you are struggling because you feel this is coming from your own mind – of course it is because this is the part, one part, that you do recognise. You have to be partially separated from your truth because, if not, you would not be able to live the life you need to live in order to gain what this life brings to you.

You and your fiends often struggle with this fact. You know, or have a beginning of understanding, who and what you really are. You want to know more and to fully step into that. You can step in further – and you are doing so. All over your world there are people like yourself that are taking those steps.

This is what becomes of those that are prepared to expand their experience and their thoughts. The universe takes that intent and it becomes part of the universal energy and we celebrate – for this is you playing your part in the work. That energy is growing and taking shape and we are all, as one, moving forward. This is part of the task that you remember being given – you are even now as you write understanding that that contribution of energy is part of our purpose.

Imagine a battery, one that is largely self-sustaining. The energy within the battery generates new energy and so it perpetuates. However, that is not the end goal. The goal is rather to take a step further – beyond simply self-sustaining. Imagine that battery growing. You use a battery to power something – but for the universe the battery is our being. It is everything and everything is it. There is a symbiotic relationship between you and the wholeness of who we we are. Every molecule, every life spirit, every spark of being, feeds and shapes the whole. In that way we all grow – we all expand – constantly becoming beyond who and what we are.

Can you understand that in seeking to understand who you truly are, you are in that very process developing who you truly are. It is not a static thing – just as there is no ‘edge’ to the whole of which we are a part, there is no ‘edge’, or limit’ to who you are. This is a truth that is central to understanding our role – and your role. On a very basic level this is why you are never fully satisfied being in one place or at one point of understanding for any length of time. Your restlessness is built in to drive you forward – it can feel frustrating when constrained in the way that humans are – but you will gain so much more by letting it nudge you forward.

I hope you understand that that which you seek is not static, a set place or way of being. It is constantly shifting – shape shifting if you will. That which you remember will be changed the instant you remember it. As a tree shifts its shape in the wind, so your bigger truth shifts as the energy grows.

We are emphasising this because it is important. You seek a map of a place that it is impossible to map. But you must not see that as a problem. It is instead a great thing – a great advantage and the true nature of us all – we are all a part of something beautiful and that is becoming ever more beautiful. And where you feel you need a map because it can feel that you stumble around, lost, like a seeker without a compass, you only need to understand that you are your own compass. That the true direction is within you and by following it you are both compass and map – and the landscape itself. Your journey is complete – even as you travel along it.

We want to share with you ideas and concepts that will help you in your journey. Things are changing – the way humans relate to their full truth is changing. You are more aware, more open and that is a good thing. However, it also makes you vulnerable unless you are prepared. Do not let that scare you. There is nothing that can truly harm you – only delay you. For us delay is of no consequence, but for you it is a frustration – we can help you with that.

And remember to test it all – if you sense a good and true heart, if it resonates with your deeper memory, then we trust that you will let us move forward with you. If you sense something other, then we will understand and work with you to find a better way.

And so we ask you to relax. This should not be a difficult thing – relax and trust your heart to steer you on.