I want to test the idea of automatic writing and painting. I’ve read about it but to be honest I’ve always been a bit wary. But now I want to find out about the whole thing. So I’m just going to sit here, with the keyboard and see what comes ….

I’m unsure where to start – the things in the back of my mind that feel like scraps of memory or just type words and see where I get? The thing is, what will happen – words should appear shouldn’t they? If there is a message to be had write it down – don’t let your head get in the way – let loose – the old ones know what they’re doing!…

Being yourself is an odd thought – what do you mean? You are part of the whole and a part of everything – knowing your ‘self’ means isolating yourself from that larger part of who you are. Is that why you doubt yourself – when you try to find something that is solely you you will struggle. And why do this? As a part of the whole surely you want to understand that – the whole rather than a small part. The you of which you speak is a temporary thing, a fleeting concept to enable interaction with the world around you. Better to be able to grasp the broader picture – to learn to live well within that aspect of ‘you’.

When you start out on a ‘life’ you start with nothing beyond the link to the reality of who you are and where you fit. But that does not prepare you for a life that is suddenly filled with the instant ferocity of your presence in a physical world. As a child you understand for a while that the two things are different – but many are waylaid by the instant and demanding nature of daily life in your world. Slowly, the one takes over – it is, after all, that which requires your attention.

Sometimes, people retain the link in some form or other. It is strong enough to remind them that there is something beyond – something other. That is when people look beyond the immediate. In the past it has not been a good thing for people to experience too much of their larger reality – it is misunderstood or it leaves people unsure and anxious – living in the world but not able to relate to it.

Understanding is changing. As your community becomes more fractured it also becomes more open – people see beyond the ‘way things are done’. The link that is there for all becomes very obvious to some and a few are willing to explore. There are no barriers to this, no tricks to learn – but it does take a kind of openness that needs to be managed well.

We can help with that – help the process as you learn to trust. You are worrying about those that would use this for ill – they do exist and will do their best to undermine and mock. However, you know that being good and true in the sense of your intention – that will stop you stepping where you would be better not going.

We know that this would be easier for you if it was like some kind of trick – a magic thing that you could demonstrate in action that was obviously beyond your power as a human being. You will be aware of those that work in this way – some are pure but most are charlatans, seeking applause and, worse, fortune.

Rather, it is those that work away from the limelight – those that link with their bigger reality and work with it – that are learning to be who they really are. This is not to be feared. It does not require greatness, or intellect, or any ‘special’ facility. Openness of heart and an ability to see and hear beyond the restraints of their own sight and hearing. You describe it as taking a half step to the side – you are actually able to take that half step many times in all directions – each will lead you to a new place and a new understanding.

You seek some kind of knowledge, understanding – a set of rules perhaps, or a revelation. What can be revealed to someone who, in your capacity as part of the whole, already understands? You seek access to that understanding – your memory. If that were granted you would struggle to remain as you are – this is true of all those that link to their ‘real’ nature.

Just as with all learning, the vastness of everything is there – it has not gone away or been hidden from you. As you need, you will access that which you need. You do not need ‘words of wisdom’ from esoteric beings to achieve this. You do not need to be able to demonstrate tricks. Just be who you are – and who you are will expand as your link expands.

Right now you are wondering who ‘I’ am – you think of those that ‘channel’ and part desire and part fear that you can do similarly. Do not look at others, or to others – they are each on their own journey and they will do what they need to do. It is not your role to judge or test – simply read and hear and your openness will either allow or disallow – you will take on that which is helpful and pass over that which is not. It will be as if you have not heard it – something you think of as poor memory but perhaps you will view that differently now.

Trust and be confident because the strength of the universe is behind and within you. It is that flow of energy that you use to steer your thoughts but you struggle to use it to fully guide you. You know that you can step safely in the nothingness of the abyss – your faith in that is true. So why not then trust that same knowledge at all times?

When you lose your confidence you pull away from all that is true – adding to your sense of disconnection. Instead, that is the time at which you should step into your knowledge because it will hold you true. Your lack of confidence is actually in the solid things around you – the constructed word that is your every day. That is the oddity of your position – the things that you see as real and ‘actual’ are the very things that are not. It is they that are the illusion – not your knowledge of the ultimate reality.

All of this is difficult but not impossible. Your heart knows the truth, but you are taught not to follow your heart. That is incorrect. When the floors and walls and the very sky above you turn to dust, as it will, the true solidity will be there for you. That is the reality of which you are a master. The immediate needs of your physicality are, of course, dominant but you are also aware of both levels at all times because the truth is there for all time. It is a language in which you are fluent – one that you live and breathe in a much more powerful way than the language you speak and hear.

Keep your eyes and ears attuned to the greater reality. It – we – will guide you clear.