I am still suspicious that this is just coming from my head – even as I try to work in a ‘stream of consciousness’ way. I am trying to not think about what I’m writing and that is working surprisingly well. I’m only changing things when they scream at me because I have misspelled something.

I have felt for the last couple of days that there is something more to write so I’m just going to keep my fingers moving…

We come from a place where different races exist but co-exist. The only difference between the races is now one of talent – particular skills or understandings. We understand that we exist because of each other – our understanding becomes one when we are one. We look at the fractures in your people and struggle to understand why you cannot see the greater truth.

Even referring to ourselves as of different races is a misnomer – it is terminology that allows us to express ourselves to you in a way that you may understand. Of course – we don’t have to communicate in that way at all but you are seeking to understand and working with you in ways that reach your physical self will perhaps have the better impact at the moment.

Your understanding that you have to complete your journey is true. It is hard to do this but you will gain much. You know this. Time is something that it is difficult to discuss – you are bound by a sense of time, we are not. You are not either but we understand your difficulty because you are living this physical life. There will come a time – which of course is already here – when you will be free of the constraints of that physical time. Or perhaps that you will realise you are already free of it – it is difficult to explain. We see you struggling with ‘passing time’ when you know yourself not to be bound by it. All we can do is try to reassure you that you have time enough to do whatever you choose. And never-ending time to be who you are.

So much of our communication ends up being like a puzzle – obscure and convoluted. Forgive us!

You have a memory of being with a group of souls setting out on a task. You do not know what that task is, when it will be complete or where it will take you. Be assured that all is well. Your frustration is, again, bound up with your sense of time – ignore this. To succeed you have to be a part of the place you inhabit. Being in that place has constraints. But they are nothing – the smallest of things that are motes of dust, flickering in the light – there and then not there.

Being at peace comes from being who you are and resting in the surety that brings with it. That sense of oneness that you know – it is only you that pulls apart from it – it doesn’t pull apart from you because it simply is not able to do so. Imagine it like a piece of music played by an orchestra all around you. You can block your ears but that does not mean the orchestra is no longer there. You unblock your ears and you hear the music again.

A child will believe that if they cannot see you, you cannot see them. So in playing hide and seek, they cover their eyes, believing that makes them invisible. You and your people do the same. You close your heart and you think you have separated yourself. This is a delusion and one that you need to understand and stop repeating.

Using terms that your physicality will understand – we have our arms steadfastly wrapped around you. You cannot fall or trip or take a wrong path. You are flying through the truth – an expert pilot – but temporarily distracted from your reality. Step out and trust. Let the universe deal with those that would harm or hinder – they are tiny bugs that will be dealt with according to the needs of the truth.